CineTv Contest #29: Creed

Image is a screenshot from the movie

Although the actors I want to portray in this movie, one lost the boxing fight, I was carried away by his hard work and resilience, even after he lost the fight, he still continued with his training.
After winning the WBC, Adonis Creed who took after his late father in boxing had become a world champion and was sailing upon the life of being a celebrity.
Ivan Drago, a Soviet boxer who coincidentally was the one who killed Adonis Creed's father, Apollo Creed in a fighting bout but subsequently lost to 'Rocky' who is now Adonis Creed's coach, decided to use that period to get himself back into fame. He decided to pitch his son, Viktor against Creed.
Although Creed's coach, Rocky was against it, Adonis decided to accept the challenge and see it as probably a way to get revenge for the death of his father. He got a new coach after Rocky back out and proceeded to fight Viktor Drago.
In the first fight, Creed got severely beaten that he was hospital but he just got lucky that Viktor Drago had out of anger and over confidence breached a rule and he was disqualified, leaving Adonis Creed to still retain his Championship.
Rocky later reconciled with Adonis Creed and proceeded to help train him for a rematch. All these while, Viktor had been gaining fame back home wining some very good games and earning his father a place at the table with the elites, including Viktor's mother who had abandoned them when Ivan Drago lost to Rocky, this status infuriated Viktor.
Viktor endured a lot of physical torture and exercised from Ivan and he had to wake up before the sun to start training and they were really difficult ones at that.
Also, for Adonis Creed, in other to prepare him for the rematch, the training pattern he received was changed and they new pattern took up a more difficult and painful one. He had to endure all sort of physical hurts.
Both fighters, although one lost a since two fighters cannot win a final, the level of hardwork both of them put in to reach their high placed status was huge and many would have given up along the way but they endured and gave their all.
Even after Viktor Drago lost to Adonis Creed, he kept on training with his father who had accepted the fact that it was not entirely bad to lose a fight.


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