My Favorite song used in a movie: Massive Attack's Angel


I love movies, have been playing RisingStar for a long time and decided to add a little variety to the content and take part in a contest from @stickupboys, @risingstargame and the CineTV team, especially since the theme was a favorite song used in the movie.

I love crime films and without a doubt, one of the major masters of the genre is Guy Ritchie. The colorful, lively characters, the sparkling humor, the really crazy and dynamic editing and the plots, the development of which is impossible to predict. And, of course, the picture wouldn't have come together without the soundtrack, and it was especially good in Snatch (2000).

The wall-beating rock of Oasis, the hooligan funk of Klint, the raggedy reggae, but without a doubt the real diamond in this collection of music is "Angel" by trip-hop legends Massive Attack.

Anxious melody, massive bass, clanking percussion and deep vocals perfectly highlighted several scenes at once and stirred emotions to the limit. Young Turk (Jason Statham) goes out with a bat against a gang of thugs, gypsy Mickey (Brad Pitt) is prevented by his friends from throwing himself into the fire to save his mother, and in the end Tommy (Stephen Graham), who was a weak and absurd character all the way, goes out with a gun against the bandits.

Pure delight and an example of perfectly matched music.

Every time I rewatch this movie I literally fall into an emotional storm at this scene and am without a doubt ready to call this one of my favorite musical scores in movies.

Such is the story :)

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