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6 Underground is a movie that shows us a team that has special abilities, which are identified with a number and their names are unknown, this team tries to kill evil people in the world, in this way the goal is to make the world a better place.

The whole story begins in Italy, where they assassinate an important man and then they are chased, in this scene great scenarios and moments of action are shown, at the same time we know a little of each one of this team, here we can notice that they try to hide their name to not feel a relationship of friends, that is to say they represent only a number and they are also legally dead, for the world they do not exist, since they faked their deaths.

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This team is formed mainly by a multimillionaire who recruited them all, during the chase in Italy the driver dies, from that moment they decided to look for another member, this time it was a sniper, in this way they try to continue with their plan, for this they must kidnap the brother of a dictator, and then create a fake scene that will transmit on television, in this way the people become strong and revolutionize or create a coup d'état.

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But not everything is as easy as it seems, since on the way they are involved in many stumbles, and also the new member makes the team rules change, now they are more integrated and know their real names; it really is a movie with an interesting story, but also exaggerated or unrealistic moments.

As I mentioned it is a good story and at the beginning attracts many, but then it is a little messy, but if it has good scenes, but finally I must give it a 6, another plus is that it has known actors like Ryan Reynolds, plus other personalities.


In this way I say goodbye, I hope to meet the expectations and be to the liking of those who read this publication.

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