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There are many films in which the soundtrack has been an important part, these have come to stand out not only in film, but also in the world of music; there are some that have been part of the scene, which can make us feel sadness, joy or euphoria; but among so many films there is a soundtrack that I liked a lot, it is "What I've done" by Linkin Park, which was part of Transformers in 2007.

Source: filmaffinity

I have really enjoyed some Transformers movies, but they are not exactly my favorites, some have been better than others, I also find that they have been characterized by placing interesting sounds within the films, still for me "What I've done", is fascinating, it is a sound capable of transmitting that has a lot of energy and strength. I think "What I've done" is very inspiring and can change the mood of anyone who enjoys this type of music.

For many people and movie fans this movie is one of the best of the Transformers saga of the last years; in 2007 Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox were quite mentioned and nominated for several awards. Returning to the main idea, the movie had several themes, the main one was "What I've done", reaching the top positions in many countries, from another point of view it is a music or music video refers to all the damage and suffering in the world.

Besides this there are several unofficial trailers that were made with this soundtrack, but as far as I remember this soundtrack we can appreciate it at the end and in the credits of the movie, whether you like or not Transformers, this movie had incredible scenes, where the robots were transformed, and another interesting element was the soundtrack, so much so that I had downloaded it to my PC and Phone, I leave a sample, in case you have not heard "What I've done".

Soundtrack: What I've done. (Video created by supporters).

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