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Life is a path through which to travel, learn and do different things, in working life we also live in a roller coaster, sometimes opportunities and unexpected situations arise, from my personal point of view I should mention that I have had different jobs and trades, some of them I have not liked and others have been more fun than work, but you always have to maintain responsibility.

There are several movies that make reference to perseverance and entrepreneurship, but I think The Social Network is the ideal movie, as it tells the reality that an entrepreneur can go through, between small triumphs and stumbles to achieve a goal, I think it goes without saying that the film is based on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

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For me it is the perfect description of everything you must overcome to achieve a goal, in Mark's path we can see how some friends have conflicts or differences, to the point of becoming rivals, in addition to the various accusations against Zuckerberg, but in the end he manages to overcome all adversities and obstacles, taking the positive aspects, we can say that there is a teaching in the story of the film.


I identify with all the positive aspects of the film, such as the constancy that the protagonist shows us, it also gives us to understand that we should not give up and that we should always try to push our ideas, certainly a stumble can be the end of something or a simple fall from which we get up, it all depends on the person, so it is preferable to be of the second group and never give up.

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In real life Mark Zuckerberg teaches us how far it is possible to go when you have an amazing idea, no matter the job we do we have to push and fight for our dreams and ideals, although the film won some awards, it does not have such a high reputation, but it has some important elements that we can take as an example for life.


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In this way I say goodbye, I hope to meet the expectations and be to the liking of those who read this publication.

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