CineTV Contest: TOGO || A new friend and a strong character

At my daughter's request, we started keeping a cat at home a while ago. I accepted her request in order to take responsibility and get her away from the screen, even if only for a while. I have had experience of keeping a dog in the past, but not inside the house, but in the garden. I remember the time I spent with my dog as a child and the games I played with it. Knowing the pleasure of having a pet and the companionship it offers, I did not want my daughter to be deprived of this.

Everything is fine now and as promised, my daughter takes care of all the cat's needs and plays with her.

The theme of this week's contest, organised by @cinetv in the CineTV Community under the sponsorship of @ecency, is the favourite film animal character. When I thought about it, I had the feeling that there were more choices about dogs.

I had the support of my daughter in the favourite animated film competition, in the favourite animal character film. I consulted her. The answer she gave without thinking was the bear character in the film Masha and the big bear. It was a character I was familiar with because my daughter watched it all the time and I thought it was a good choice. But just like in the animation contest, I wanted to choose a film that I would watch with my daughter under the pretext of the contest.

I thanked him for his choice, but asked him if he would like to watch a film with me and if we could choose a film that we had not seen before or that we had seen and forgotten. He readily agreed, as he liked a few hours of time together.

Our short search led us to the film Togo, which was released in 2019. We arranged our fruit plates, dimmed the lights a little and sat in front of the screen, the cat took his place on my daughter's lap because he knows that when the lights are dimmed, the attention will be on the screen.


The film is set in the cold climate of Alaska and Togo is a Siberian wolf, but because he was born frail and weak, his owner initially thinks he should be killed. As soon as I hear that he is going to be killed, I am bombarded with questions by my daughter. Why are they going to kill him? Won't it grow faster if they give more food? My cat was small when we got him but now he has grown so much. I thought for a moment and questioned myself about whether I chose the right film.

Fortunately, Constance stood up to her husband and said that the dog deserved a chance to make his own luck, and from that moment on he became the hero of my daughter.


Although he was allowed to live, Togo was smaller and more rebellious than other Siberian wolves. Seppala used Siberian wolves as sled dogs and trained them accordingly. Togo, on the other hand, was always trying to prove himself to Seppala, as if he wanted to stand out. Togo is locked in a cage and manages to escape by digging the ground. He was locked in the barn and managed to escape again by using the facilities there. Every time he escapes, there is someone in the room who applauds and supports Togo.

My daughter, who gets upset every time Togo is locked up, laughs after Togo escapes and supports him with applause. Even if it is an animal, showing a charismatic stance makes Togo more popular than other dogs. For example, when my daughter doesn't play with her cat, her cat sulks and after a while, when my daughter wants to play with the cat, the cat doesn't want to play. In my opinion, he shows a charismatic stance and makes it clear that he wants to be taken into consideration.

As a result, Togo gets what he wants and takes the lead as leader of the sled dogs. There is an outbreak of diphtheria, which affects only children, and in the cold of Alaska someone has to bring the diphtheria vaccines from the harbour. Togo and the other dogs on the sled, together with Seppala, take on the challenge.

My daughter and I watched this challenging adventure with my daughter until the end and I can see from her behaviour during the viewing that she is enjoying it. There is one person who is not enjoying it. When I watch a film alone, I wear headphones, but not with my daughter, and because the room is big, we turn up the TV a little too loud. Every time Togo and his friends barked during the film, my daughter's cat took turns shielding my daughter's and my body and hiding behind us. We noticed this towards the end of the film and reacted by laughing at the same time.

The film, which has a duration of 1:53 hours, entertained me and my daughter. Togo's perseverance and struggle brought a success that should be taken as an example. I always believe that showing instead of telling and telling will give the right education. The film Togo proceeds with a story and plot that does not contain any drawbacks from the beginning to the end. A simple life, a simple event and a simple film that exemplifies the need to take responsibility in an extraordinary situation! But it is also a film that teaches and shows a lot! Togo is a friendly dog with the kind of charisma and personality that every home would want.

With the film, we got to know and love [Togo] for the first time. My daughter also has a new request! She wants a dog of Togo's breed, but I reminded her of her cat's fear while watching the film. I explained that although we love it very much, it is impossible for us to keep a Siberian shepherd at home because the temperatures are high here and dogs like Togo can live in the cold. I think I was able to get past her last request. I hope one day we won't have to watch a film where an elephant is the main character. Lol.

See you in my next article, all content is my own! @cute-cactus

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