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I have to confess, I'm afraid of airplanes, but not because they are high up or because they might crash, as you might think!

Any place where I can't come and go as I please restricts my freedom, so I don't want to be there. An airplane is just one of them, and to put it more clearly, being locked in a comfortable room with all my needs met scares me.

Since I can't tell the pilot to pull the plane to the right when I'm thousands of feet up and I want to land, I prefer not to get on as much as possible.


In fact, the 2006 movie Snakes On A Plane is a movie that fits exactly what I want to say.

Witness to the murder of the district attorney, Sean Jones (played by Nathan Phillips) is the only witness who can put the leader of a criminal organization behind bars. He must be taken under protection and transported by plane to another region to testify on the day of the trial.

The plot of the movie is very simple and what makes it impressive is the plot that unfolds during the plane ride. They made a simple event quite gripping with thousands of kinds of snakes.


When I watched the movie, I saw that there were two objectives in the story. One was that thousands of snakes, large and small, suddenly released and scattered all over the electronic devices on the plane, would crash the plane and thus the only witness who could testify against them would die, and the other was that any of the snakes with deadly venom would reach the witness, bite him and kill him.

Of course, since the plane in question is a passenger plane, the hundreds of passengers on board face the same threat.


When the snakes get free and start coming out, I understand better why I am afraid of airplanes, because if a similar situation happened on a bus, you would pull the bus to the right and get off. So you get rid of the snakes. Or in a house, you can leave the house at any time and get help, but in an airplane you are deprived of all that. You have limited resources and you're thousands of feet up in the air, and the pilots' health becomes more valuable than your own health because the plane has to land on the runway to get rid of the snakes and the pilots are the ones who can do that.

Even though Snakes On A Plane has a veteran like Samuel L. Jackson, I don't think any one actor stands out. It's a shared problem in a shared space (an airplane), so everyone does their best.


Apart from a few small scenes in the movie that I thought were ridiculous and should not have been there, I can easily say that it is a very successful production. For those who have a phobia of closed, locked spaces like airplanes where you can't land whenever you want or closed, locked spaces, it may trigger fear a little more because there are plenty of snakes and helplessness due to being at height throughout the movie. If you don't have a phobia that can be triggered, you should definitely watch the movie.


This article is prepared for the Favorite Movie with Planes contest organized by @cinetv. Those who want to participate are invited from the link below.

CineTV Contest #45 - Favorite Movie with Planes

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