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This will be a long journey. A journey that started in 1999 and lasts until 2021, let's first remember the values that accompanied us throughout the journey and the roles they played.

Keanu Reeves as Neo,
Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity
Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus

A MATRIX legend was born when concepts such as web3, meta verse were not yet in our lives. It was 1999 and I met heroes like Neo, Trinity, Morpheus. The movie MATRIX was legendary for me, there were two kinds of realities in a place we didn't know existed. One was lived and known to all, the other was beyond life. One was the dream, the other was the MATRIX.

The red pill, blue pill scene had been in our lives for years as a joke that me and my friends played on each other.


While the film showed this difference to the audience with all its lines, it enlightened us about the future we did not know. The appeal of the movie, which includes the unknowns we have, was quite high. In those days, his name was not metaverse, but he unconsciously prepared us for metaverse.

I thought that the movie, which got along very well with the subsequent sequels, ended with the 2003 movie Matrix Revolutions. Neo showed that he was the person Morpheus always talked about and ended the era of the machines. All 3 Matrix films between 1999 and 2003 were among the best of their time and received a passing grade from me.

When we came to 2021, I learned that another movie was made for MATRIX. To be honest, although I haven't watched it yet, in the beginning, I started asking myself why. Why wasn't I happy about a remake of a movie I loved so much? The whole story was complete. Was it necessary?

I watched the movie Matrix Resurrections in the cinema (in fact, at the first opportunity) after it was released in my country. And I knew it was awfully bad as I walked out of the movie theater. When I heard it was filmed, my cautious approach was replaced by high-pitched criticism.

The movie tried to connect with previous movies, but it didn't make sense like a weak network connection. The story was tried to be presented as a continuation of the previous films, but the disconnections always caught my eye. And oh my god! What happened to my Morpheus!

How can a movie with the same director and the same actors turn out to be this awful? Now I even questioned previous MATRIX movies.

However, although many years have passed, Top Gun and Top Gun; A great bond was established in the movie Maverick and the story continued from where it left off.

So the problem cannot be the elapsed time! The problem was actually from the script to the director and all the actors. I blame the players last because they are incapacitated in a scenario where no connection can be established.

I am participating in the Cine TV Contest #20- Your Dream Reboot or Remake competition organized by @cinetv in the Cine TV community with the movie Matrix Resurrections.

I would replace the cast that managed to turn out such a bad movie, even though the director and the cast were the same, who worked wonders in the prequel and the sequels that followed.

I would burn the script and change everything from scratch. To make The Matrix look like a game is to belittle the Matrix movies in the first place. I think that Neo, (Thomas Anderson ) who was initially presented as a hacker, is portrayed as a simple game designer in the last Matrix movie, which spoils the whole story.

Since we are in the age of machines and everything is possible there, I would also take into account the technology and how familiar people are with the technological discourses in the 22 years between the first movie and the last movie in the script.

In movies like The Matrix, you get attention if you sell people living today about the past they didn't live. If you sell the future they haven't lived in, you'll get attention. If you try to sell what you already know, you will fail. The reason the first Matrix movie was successful is because they sold people the future they didn't know. The reason the last matrix movie failed is because they're trying to sell people what they know now. Concepts such as meta verse, which we are used to hearing without any changes or updates, are no longer money. If I'm going to market, I have to see the next step. I would add all this to the new script of the Marix movie and reveal the unknown that is at the core of the Matrix.

Let's take a look at Keanu Reeves in the first Matrix movie and the last Matrix movie. Okay, it's been years and he's getting old, but no player has the right to let himself go like this. He could preserve the image he gave in the Matrix. For example; Tom Cruise achieved this in the movie Top Gun and its sequel, Maverick.

first movie


last movie


I would say that there is no aging in the Matrix, I would find new actors similar to them for Neo, Trinity, Morpheus characters, and if possible, I would prefer those who have never been in front of the screen. Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, if you think you look like one of these, you can apply in the comments section. lol.

I would put someone familiar with the new generation and technological discourses in the director's chair. I would keep the connections between the core story of the Marix movie and the core story of the last Matrix movie, and create a sequel from where it left off. If the machines lost, I would add an upgraded version of them to the final Matrix movie. Thus, it would be more acceptable to continue the story from where it left off.

In reality, you know what I would like? I wish they had never started the Matrix 4 movie but since they did and they messed up, I would have destroyed the current bad movie image with a new Matrix build like I said.

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