Boîte noire || The mystery over the black boxes is lifted

Flight xx of xx airlines crashed at xx point with 300 passengers for unknown reasons. The reason why the aircraft crashed will be announced by the official authorities after the examination of the black box.

When I read or hear such news in print and visual media, I have been curious about the black box and the examinations carried out on it. I know that the black box records the conversations of the last moments of the aircraft and preserves the recordings even in unusual situations such as impact, combustion, explosion, etc. However, the information about the opening of the black box and what kind of examinations were carried out on it by the team of people who are said to be official authorities has remained a mystery. Frankly, although I was curious until last night, I did not feel the need to make an examination on this subject, after all, we may not have time to investigate everything that is curious.

And my curiosity ended with a film!


The film Boîte noire, made in France in 2021, helped me satisfy my curiosity about the black box. The film is about the character Mathieu (played by Pierre Niney), who actually wants to be a pilot but cannot be a pilot due to a problem with his eyes, and his investigations on the black boxes of crashed aircraft as a sound engineer.

The results of the investigations are very important because the reports of sound engineers are considered as expert reports in aviation and will be taken as basis during the trial. If it is concluded that there was a pilot error, the pilot can be prosecuted, if it is concluded that it was a terrorist attack, a terrorist hunt can be launched through the passenger list.


As Mathieu is aware of the seriousness of his work, he evaluates every possibility while listening to the sounds in the black box. He simulates the information and does not want to make the slightest mistake. He is a young man of character with an excellent ear and ethical behaviour. So much so that he does not even pity his wife's career while doing his job.

This scene is of Mathieu and his wife Moemie (played by Lou De Lage), one working as a sound engineer listening to the black boxes, the other as an aircraft company manager. And they argue that the aeroplanes are faulty.


While watching the film Boîte noire, you watch in amazement the games that big companies play behind the scenes in terms of monetary values. And unfortunately, you realise once again that the prejudice that buying everyone has a value is true for most people.

The character of Mathieu becomes the hero of the film and the viewer during the course of his struggle to pursue the case and uncover the real culprits. The sound engineer suddenly turns into a detective in detective films and tries to find new evidence based on the sounds obtained during listening to the black box. This turns the film into a gripping detective adventure film.

The connection between the scenes in the film and the flow of events makes the film quite entertaining to watch. And I think what makes the film the most entertaining is the personality that Pierre Niney's character Mathieu displays and reflects. Everyone will understand how much expert reports are taken as basis in judgements when they look at the domestic law of their own country. The film shows us that expert reports can also be wrong or tailor-made. It also details the events behind the scenes of these unethical and illegal behaviours in a way that everyone can understand.


I found an answer to my curiosity about black boxes. Although I have satisfied my personal curiosity, I now know that black boxes are not 100% accurate in reflecting the facts. Everyone knows that every profession must be carried out within ethical and legal rules. The extent to which ethical and legal rules can be adhered to will be related to the power encountered, and the end Mathieu faces may be the same as some people when what is desired is not done.

I strongly recommend you to watch the film. Even if you are not curious about black boxes like me, you can take part as a viewer in an adventure based on suspense and mystery. And you can enjoy the taste of the film.


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