Cinetv Contest #61 | Favorite Movie with Beer

I have seen a lot of movies with beer scenes in the movie, but I will write briefly on the contest, using beer buddies.

short description of the movie
The relationship between the two workers seems to be expanding, until one weekend, the two people set a meeting between them and have fun with a lot of things, including beer.

It was so good for their souls, as they are not allowed to drink beer in the offices, so they burn the weekend together in such a way that excite the two of them.

This film makes me look up with the thoughts, that it is necessary for alcohol in our system for some weekend, we should not always go home and fix things alone, while our system is not loaded.

I do not drink beer, because beer contains a certain amount of alcohol, but immediately, I see this film, the need to have a small amount of alcohol in my system was in my heart, drinking beer make a person to feel free, to the extent we can said the thing we want, and can lead us to leak something that should not have been exposed to the public.

However, I am not in favour of a worker engaging in drinking so much, because the end result would be that he is going to behave very badly in his job, people have to be aware of things.

The thing with me and alcohol is easily forgetting myself each times I have some, I drink alcohol at home and not outdoor.

Drinking of too much beer will make a person have so many desires of things, it going to make a person feel hungry, headaches, and urge for sexuality, so I prefer it at home where I can be able to comport myself and sleep.

Friends, I took part in the Cinetv contest

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