CineTV Special Contest// My Favourite Song in a Movie — Monster by Jacob Banks

Music is surely a vital part of a movie, in some cases, it enhances the emotions of the audience. Guess that's why filmmakers are often careful in the choice of music they make use of, as it sometimes builds the tone and mood of a movie. The importance of music in movies cannot be overemphasized as it often depicts the plot of the movie, the feelings of the characters, the actions and tension.


I have seen several movies — of course with several pieces of music, but I often let go of the music once I am done with the movie. But watching the series Power, at the sixth season to be precise, when Ghost was killed by his own son — Tariq, and the scene was backed up by the song Monster by Jacob Banks featuring Avelino. I loved the song so much that I had to download it immediately and I used it as my ringtone, in order to master the lyrics. It was such very emotional and was basically telling the story in the movie.


Tariq is the first out of the three children of James Saint Patrick — a notorious drug dealer with the street name 'Ghost'. Ghost's major conviction for going into drugs was to give his children a life better than the one he had. Ghost's drug business affected the lives of his children — especially Tariq, Even though he did his best to keep it away from the them. Growing up, Tariq wasn't too cool with his dad's selfish behaviours especially cheating on his mom and laying his hands on her. A lot led to the final move of Tariq — that is, killing his own father! It was obvious that Tariq was the Monster that Ghost made. He made him what he became — hence the music Monster.

Here's the first stanza and chorus of the music:

Oh ah oh eh, oh ah oh eh, oh ah oh eh, oh ah oh eh
Oh ah oh eh, oh ah oh eh, oh ah oh eh, oh ah oh eh

They made a monster out of me
They put a shot in my back
They did me do the count of three
They set the hounds on my tracks
They made a demon out of me
Then, they put a cross through my flesh
They put a search out for me
Cause, I got some blood on my hands
But they would see me when I'm coming
I'll be laughing while you running (oh)
Oh you won't see me when I'm coming
I'll be the monster you've been wanting, oh no

Oh ah oh eh, oh ah oh eh, oh ah oh eh, oh ah oh eh
Oh ah oh eh, oh ah oh eh, oh ah oh eh, oh ah oh eh


From the above lyrics and the little writeup about the movie, it obvious that the song was literally portraying what the scene at the movie was all about. Tariq is the monster that his father made, who ended up hunting his father down.

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