CineTV Contest — My Favourite Scary Movie— THE NUN

Not only was it scary but also interesting. I never liked horror movies at all — I often stop watching the movie midway, but this one made me stay till the end, even though the scenes were dreadful. Yeah, I know you might have seen it. The movie is THE NUN.


The Nun is a spin-off film to the conjuring 2, produced by Peter Stefan and James Wan, starring Demian Bichir (as Father Burke), Taissa Farmiga (as Sister Irene), and Jonas Bloquet (as the Demon Nun).

The news of the suicide of a nun at Saint Cartha's monastery in Romania got to Vatican and in reaction, the pope sent Father Burke together with Sister Irene — who is still in her novitiate, to investigate the reason behind her death.


The Nun's (Victoria) death occurred in her attempt to preserve her body from being possessed by an evil spirit — who appears as a nun. This demon was summoned through a rift by the then Duke of Saint Cartha — a powerful aristocrat obsessed with occultic power. However, the Duke was killed by Christian knights, who later closed the rift with a vial having the blood of Christ. The effects of the bombings during the world war II led to the opening of the rift and hence releasing the demon again — later identified by Father Burke as Valak.


A villager was the person that saw her corpse, so father Burke and sister Irene met with this villager who took them to where the corpse is. Father Burke was able to retrieve a key from Victoria's corpse. Father Burke is an exorcist but his previous experience still torments him that he resolved not to get involved in exorcism again. Also, as a kid, Irene often had visions about Mary.

In so many scenes, Irene has been attacked by Valak, as her reaction, she got involved in an intense prayer with other nuns she met there to ward off the demon. She later discovered that the nuns were not real, that she was praying alone. Valak tormented both Father Burke and Sister Irene. Consequently, they needed to find a quick way of getting rid of Valak.

It was believed that the demon can only be gotten rid of by closing the rift with a vial having the blood of Christ — just like the Christian knights did. So Father Burke and Sister Irene obtained the vial with the help of the key they got from sister Victoria's corpse. The most dreadful and horrifying scene was when they entered the abbey where the rift would be closed. Valak was really tough to get rid of, as it tired possessing both Irene and Burke, it was really tough for the both of them. But they came out victorious.

I was surprised to hold till the end with the whole horrifying scene. The movie was so interesting and attention-catching that I had to enjoy every scene of it.

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