Cine TV Contest: A family date with "House"

One of the things that motivated me to participate in this contest is precisely the theme, and when I read it the first thing that came to my mind was that family date that my mom, my brothers and I had every night to watch a series called "House" which I nostalgically remember with great emotion.



Specifically it was my mom who started watching it, and then my brothers joined in. I could only see them concentrating and talking well about this series, so one night I decided to sit down with them to see what the show was all about. I must admit that my first impression was nothing more than thinking about the arrogance and contempt of a doctor towards his colleagues, attending medical cases as strange as unknown to me.

Even so, I gave myself the opportunity to watch a few more episodes and that's how I began to get a taste for the series, where Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) is the main character and along with him, a team of doctors who complement the plot in each episode. As the seasons go by, several characters appear and then leave, but the ones that most connect with the story of Dr. House are Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) and Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein).

Each episode is a story in which medical cases are revealed that put the whole group of specialists in trouble, except for Dr. House, who through his analysis and conjectures ends up giving a diagnosis as accurate as successful. But the environment is not only based on medicine, because we also know a lot about the life behind each doctor and how everything influences and connects at the same time.

At first, House's character seemed very strong to me, an arrogant, dry, sarcastic, rude and without pure feelings, but as the series progresses you realize what he really is as a person, and I think one of the keys that allows us to perceive this is the relationship he has with his great friend Dr. Wilson.



Despite using many common terms in medicine, the series does not become boring, on the contrary, House's character helps you to understand and enjoy him at the same time. There are moments in which cases are presented so rare that you end up thinking: Is it true everything they say, I remember that on one occasion, my brother investigated a case that he liked a lot and ended up realizing the veracity that was raised in one of the chapters with both the disease and the diagnosis that had been presented.

Perhaps this series did not have the same influence on me that it had on my brothers. At that time, they were in high school and were already thinking about the option of pursuing a career in the medical field, but what a pleasant surprise it was to see how they both decided to take this idea seriously, and thanks to that, today my brother is already practicing as a medical specialist while my sister is about to graduate.

There were many episodes that we lived and shared as a family, but one that stuck in my mind was an occasion when House and Wilson made a fifty-dollar bet to see who was right about a clinical case. Obviously House won, but what I liked was not House winning but what he did with the bill, using it to light a cigarette in front of Wilson himself. It's something that even remembering it still causes me a lot of amusement.

Another thing I always thought about when watching this series was House's situation, who suffered from a pain in his leg and also had a strong addiction to painkillers. This made me wonder: How could such a skilled and intelligent doctor be living that way? But it is the character's story itself that reveals the reason why he had taken on such a condition.



The characters of Cuddy and Wilson are very important in House's life because they are the ones who manage to bring out the most human and sensitive part of this doctor. This is more than evident when House decides to start a romance with Cuddy that, although it does not end very well, brings great moments to the series. But with all the above mentioned, I think the most memorable and significant scene that perfectly explains the kind of character House is at heart, is when he learns that his best friend Dr. Wilson has cancer.

If you have ever been able to love and hate something at the same time, you will understand what I am about to say, because that is precisely what I felt when I saw House's treatment towards his colleagues and also towards his patients. Between sarcasm, pride and rebelliousness House was practically supported only by Wilson who was the only one who dared to engage in a discussion or debate with him. Even House's irreverent behavior clashed with Cuddy who was his boss and yet he often ended up doing the opposite of what Cuddy asked of him.

Without a doubt, "House" marks an interesting space in my life because of the shared with my family, and that is a beautiful gift that makes this series more special than it already is for me. I can't say that I watched all the complete seasons, but I can assure you that everything I saw always left me with an anecdote, a message or teaching to meditate on, and that is why I hope that those who have not yet done so can give themselves the opportunity to watch this fabulous series.



I hope you have been able to enjoy this information.

Thanks for reading.

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