CineTV Contest : The Proposal

It is true that there some actors and actresses when combined together bring out the best in each other. It is like a Romeo and Juliet situation only that they don't die but thrill the audience.

In this movie "The Proposal" Sandra Bullock (Margerate) got to display a lot of persona which I found intriguing. From being a strict boss keeping everyone on their toes to being in love with her assistant Ryan Reynolds (Andrew).

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What I love about Sandra Bullock is her ability to make every movie she stars in family worthy. Like your entire family could watch it without anyone having a hitch irrespective of the communities they are into.

I also cherish the feminism she brings to the screens. Some people don't really know the goals of the feminist movement and these include even some women. Sandra Bullock is able to prove time and again how much a movie rely on her female aspects and not just as a character in the movie.

The reason I love "The Proposal" is the drama it brings to the screens. Drama is something if done right stimulates more than action does. I'm an action lover, yes , but a little drama here and there makes the movie worth it.

There are a ton of movies that incorporates the happenings of the corporate world but to get that face, that tenacity is rare and few actresses does the job. This is another reason why I love "The Proposal" it doesn't just goes into corporate jargons but kept it simple.

An expired visa, deportation, and fixed marriages are the things that have plagued the developed world. I'm saying this from all I have heard and not because I have any data to back it up, I haven't travelled out of Nigeria all my life.

I love movies that show reality, and in 2009 when this movie was released. Fixed marriages was more common than it is now. This makes the movie a true reflection of the society and that is what a movie in my opinion should be, well apart from science fiction that depicts the future.

Before now I didn't really consciously see a movie just because of the casts. But, I think I did anyway maybe unconsciously. This was why picking a favourite Sandra Bullock movie was a bit hard for me before I remembered "The Proposal". I'm going to continue like this so I don't get biased and miss out on all the good stuffs.

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