CineTv Contest #35 - A Strong Villain With A Heart

The mention of the word Villain sends a message like a Bad person, evil thing, someone, or something here to do damage or upset the movie in a way that adds conflict which in many cases drags along till the end of the movie when the conflict is solved.

I would say I’ve loved only a few of these characters, and since they weren’t put there for the viewers' love ( except for weird viewers like me), they don’t get much love either.

Most movies I’ve seen go with the wicked villain, someone who intends to harm just for the thrill and the feel of it, this is very cold and I seldom like this type.

On the other hand, there are the ones that are deluded, probably lied to, coerced, or in some cases, their minds are tampered with. These are the ones that get my sympathy and I love to always see how the resolution of the conflict.

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The movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, shows more about this set of villains that I love to see. Burky Barnes the villain in this movie was a friend before he had an accident and got his brains messed up by the enemies.

What interest me in this set of villains is the way the protagonist sees them, they were once friends, some family members like brothers, sisters husbands, and wives. The protagonist shies away from a confrontation with them until when left with no choice.

Burky Barnes was also a strong villain. Most villains get their ass kicked on countless occasions by the protagonist, this makes the movie boring for me as I only end up with a mechanical form of confrontation without all the emotions which would have been if it were reality.

Captain Rogers, the protagonist in this movie, is confronted physically and emotionally, making it more relatable to watch. Imagine if your comrade thought dead and came back with no memory of you and was on the wrong side, crazy right?

Another aspect of this whole villainhood (pardon my conjuncture), is love, and emotion on the side of the villain. People often forget that these are humans too and feel things even if they're seen doing hideous ones.

In this movie, Burky Barnes gets convinced in the end even without a memory of the past that he had a good relationship with Captain America. His emotions were not left out of the picture and that made me love the character more.

I wouldn’t want my brain messed with, but I will surely realize when I’m wrong or doing the wrong thing. This is the part that is missed by some producers who make villains like robots in human flesh, although there are cases where those types are needed, I don’t enjoy seeing them like I do the others.

So, in the end, the most feared and strong Burky Barnes turned a little bit good, dragging Captain America from a river before he drowned and seeing him breathe before leaving. That was all it took to resolve the conflict, that and numerous scenes of blows and gunshots.

Thanks for reading, you can join the CineTv Contest to share your favorite film villain. But first, tell me what you think of mine in the comments below.

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