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Nothing trumps a party than when it is plastered with emotions. A party with just booze and songs won’t cut it out for most respected people or most occasions. Anyways these are just my opinions. I believe that an overflow of love is what will lead to a great party. A party that not just ends in a hangover but is remembered because of the love that caused it in the first place.

Ok, I have said a lot already so it is time I unveil what has been in my mind and that is Crazy Rich Asians. The movie, of course, haha. This was my favourite all-time party movie because it is the type of party I have always dreamed of, the type that I will laugh genuinely and say things that I mean not the ones under the influence of alcohol. Now for me, wedding or birthday parties are my personal favourite. I love to be at these parties because of the love shared. For weddings like in this amazing movie it s between two people and their families, while for birthday parties it is between the celebrant and the family. In both cases, the family and the love the family bestows which I think is just overwhelming are portrayed.


Crazy Rich Asians was simply a strife between two people from different family backgrounds to build a love so strong that it bridged the gap between two societies. Nick, for one, did a great job hiding the true extent of his family wealth but then singarpor came and it just takes a party to truly see a display of wealth. One thing I love about this movie is the different “genres” of party, if I will call it that. If you were hosting a party and you didn’t know where to start well there’s a party for every occasion in this movie.


Now, in every party there is the cool person and also the one that to set everywhere on fire ( in a party way). In this movie that fire cracker personality is Lin Goh. She is the one that makes the highest amount of noise and I you’d call it that yeah, she’s the life of the party. Every party has to have one right ha ha. Rachel on the other hand is the cool type, I won’t say love made her cool because there are crazy types of love out there too. I think it’s just her personality. I remember Zeal back when I was in college immediately he stood and shouted anything that came out of his mouth, that’s it we would all go crazy ha ha. It was like he had a way of making us love and enjoy the party and when he wasn’t around, well, everyone would just sit with a cup in hand and gist till the party ended.

So this movie made me see that there is more to party than just the noise we all hear from our neighbour’s house when he/she is having a house party. I then understood that party is about love and what better way to showcase love than the way Rachel and Nick showed it Crazy Rich Asians.

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