Cine Tv Contest #32 - I felt Autumn in these Movies

Coming from Africa and living in Africa all my life has got me fascinated about what the weather will be like in other parts of the world. In Nigeria where I’m from and have lived my whole for as long as I can remember, we have just two seasons, rainy and dry seasons (also known as harmattan).

As I have not had the opportunity to travel yet, I haven’t experienced any of the seasons that so fascinate me, winter is my best or so I thought until a friend of mine in Canada told me how I might freeze to death. My next best is Autumn and then spring.

Since I can’t feel these seasons myself even if I crave them, movies are the next thing that brings them close, because I put myself in the movie, engrossed in it, I could feel like I’m in Detroit and it’s Autumn.

Autumn carries with it another type of beauty or so I’ve seen in movies of course and also been told. First, the leaves change color adding another yellow to red hew to the environment.
It is also a season of harvest, I can still remember this week's Thursday PYPT show by @shadows when @bluefinstudios presented a post on his garden harvest.

Another thing I don’t forget is the significant celebrations hosted in Autumn. I have also thought it is good weather for weddings you know and as Autumn is a prelude to Winter the leaves, those beautiful leaves begin to fall and make the bridal train magical.

So, what is that one movie that brings all this out for me, frankly, my memory and love for Autumn are a result of the combination of different movies that all represent it in one way or another?
Most of which are romance and a few action movies.

One typical romance movie that reminded me of Autumn is Black Coffee, especially the scene where Robert was cleaning the compound. The yellow dry leaves and the squishy sounds they made as he raked them made the scene very relatable.

Source: Fair use from Rlj entertainment

This movie may not have been made in Autumn but it gives me that feeling anytime I watch it, and I’ve watched it a couple of times.

Sometimes when I see leaves turn pale here and start falling off I tell myself I’m in Autumn but I guess the weather is different as it doesn’t get cooler here as it does elsewhere.

Also, the evening in Autumn is incredible, with that hew of the almost crimson sky and a soft wind to cushion it. Oh, God, I wish I could feel it rather than just see it. But movies have not gotten to that yet and I’m still stuck in Nigeria.

Another movie that spells Autumn all around it is Knives Out. A wide compound with a lot of trees and then a field. What better way to see Autumn unfold than to see a million and one leaves shattered on that yellow field? I don’t want to sound poetic, but that was how I first saw it before the murder and detective scenes started to showcase themselves.

By IMP Awards / 2019 Movie Poster Gallery / Knives Out Poster (#13 of 15), Fair use,

Autumn sounds great and I will wish to experience it soon, not when I’m old, I would prefer to enjoy it now when I can still run on those yellow patches of leaves that cover the soil.
So, tell me what other movie reminds you of this season or time of the year. Better still join the Cine Tv Contest #33 and share your views.

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