Cine Tv Contest #31 - This movie helped shaped my childhood

Acting is not as effortless as it looks on the screens, my days in the high school movie club taught me better. Having to go back and forth on a particular line, or missing an expression that would have been dramatic, of which are a few of the challenges I faced then.

To see the quality put into movies these days marvels me, actors even go as far as getting fit physically for the particular role they were to play.

I think young people put in more effort as they are being made to take up the daunting task of acting, which is a profession even. Let’s look at it like this, imagine having your 10-year-old do your plumbing or your 12-year-old in the operating room performing surgery.

This is how big a task these young people take on each time they appear on our screens to thrill us. I agree a lot of people are in the movie industry because of their passion and talents, but some are there because they studied for it for years and climbed up the ladder to stardom.

These young people however are born with raw talent and they are picked up by producers and nurtured in the school of acting.

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Over the years many movies have aired with a young person as the lead character. One was my favorite TV show in 2007. I was a junior then so the movie Everybody Hates Chris was something I could easily relate to both in school and at home.

What I loved about this movie was how the characters especially the young ones played their roles effortlessly and made the movie look more like a peek at the lives of these characters.

I didn’t know the name of the character Chris in the movie until when I became a movie guy but back then I saw my young self as Chris (Tyler James) having gone through similar issues which he faced as a high school student.

Chris’ role as a firstborn child was another thing that moved me, being a firstborn myself, I had a lot to learn from his character and there were things I wouldn’t do especially after seeing the outcome in the movie.

Back then my mom often talks about what we stand to learn from seeing a movie or a Tv show. She preferred we read books, so on the occasion that we were left to see a movie, then it better be worth it and she would after the show asks for our thoughts, more like a mini-review haha.

Chris and his fellow young actors in this movie outshone the adults around them. I think I wouldn’t have benefited much if the character Chris was an adult as it wouldn’t have been relatable.

So I would say the age did matter for me back then, this was because the movie was more than just a movie for me, it was an avenue for learning and relaxation, and what better way for a 14-year-old to learn than watching his peers in a movie that closely simulated reality.

Everybody hated Chris or so the movie wants you to believe but you can’t stop loving Chris after you’ve seen it.

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