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First of all I need you to prepare some popcorn before taking a seat because if you haven't seen this movie, you will want to see it and those who have already seen it
for obvious reasons you will want to see it again, so without further ado ladies and gentlemen I present to you the film that has best used music

written and directed by Edgar Wright

It tells us the story of "Baby" (Ansel Elgort) an expert driver who works to pay off a debt he owes to a crime boss "DOC" (Kevin Spacey), baby due to an accident he had as a child suffers from tinnitus and He controls it by listening to music, for this reason he is always listening to music and in his head he has a thought out soundtrack for each situation that occurs and he uses his iPod to make a list of the songs he will use.

From this point, the importance of music in the film is already understood, but not only in this aspect, since the shots refer to parts of the lyrics, the tempo of the song is reflected in the change of scenes, the handling of the camera, everything it goes according to the song that is being used and its intensity, everything is a perfectly choreographed dance, making the viewer feel what baby has in his head as a soundtrack

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