The Dictator : Movie Review

Yesterday I watched a dumb movie and I enjoyed it. I wonder what that says about the type of person I am.



A couple weeks back I was going through my Twitter feed and I came across a meme from a movie. Upon scrolling I found out the name was "The Dictator". People were talking about how funny it was, so I added it to my watchlist. Yesterday I was bored and wanted to watch something funny. I remembered this movie and I set out to watch it. I eventually found out afterwards that the meme was from a scene in the movie that wasn't aired. However, I have no regrets whatsoever watching the movie.

The movie was released in May 2012 it airs for an hour and forty minutes and has an Imdb rating of 6.4/10. I'm not surprised one bit with the rating. It's a dark comedy type of movie and while some get a laugh out of things like this others find it offensive. Going online to see the reviews, I'm starting to feel bad that I enjoyed it.


The plot

Admiral General Aladeen has ruled the country of Wadiya ever since his father died, when he was just seven years old. He is a dumb and very backwards leader. Word gets out that he has nuclear weapons and is planning to bomb Isreal so the UN gives him an ultimatum to address them or go to war.



While all of this is happening Aladeen's uncle who secretly hates him for taking his throne, gets a new look alike for him after the previous one is assassinated. He then hatches a plan to kill Aladeen when they go to America. His plan fails woefully as Aladeen escapes, loses his beard (his signature look by the way) and is no longer recognizable. With the help of Aladeen's look alike he decides to make Wadiya a democracy.

Aladeen must now find a way to be recognized and stop Wadiya from becoming a democracy.


My Opinion

Just look at that plot and tell me it doesn't sound dumb. It's a comedy movie so you'd expect it to be dumb. But damn, the dumbness is so much. I laughed virtually through the whole thing.

Hidden in all this dumbness is offensive and crude jokes. The movie is filled with lots and lots of these jokes, everyone gets a share. If you get offended easily you shouldn't watch a movie like this. I doubt any new movie can get away with the amount of offensive jokes spewed in this movie. After watching it, I had to cleanse my soul for actually enjoy it :P. Oh yeah and there's nudity so this is definitely not something for kids. Heck, I don't think I can watch this with anyone in my family.

The acting is actually really good, they are able to make every single scene just the right amount of cringe.

It's a movie made just for laughs and silent (not so silent) digs at the world.

Apparently the main character Sacha Baron Cohen is known for movies like this. I may just peep around and look at some of his other movies.



I don't want to give it a rating, as whether you enjoy the movie or not is completely subjective.

You can check the movie out if you're someone who can take or enjoy dark comedy. If you're not, please don't watch it. You won't enjoy it.




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