Hi loves. In addition to fighting for my life last week, I managed to see a show - WEDNESDAY. The preview of Wednesday has been on my notify-me list since the announcement was made a few months ago. I knew I would love it. I am drawn to the dark and shiny. Dark and shiny. How could anything be dark and shiny? Well, that was my first impression when I first saw the preview and Wednesday Addams did embody that.

Wednesday is a show you must watch. It is perfect in every sense of it. I say this because I had a kick of a time watching it. Don't worry, I won't give any spoilers so it is safe here. I am going ahead to assume you already are familiar with the Addams family. The unique family of edgy individuals who are committed to doing the worst and the most. Wednesday is centered on Wednesday Addams - the daughter. She is an absolute thrill.

Wednesday Addams is played by Jenna Ortega. Honestly, I can't think of anyone that would have done a better job than she did. She was perfect. As an Addams, weird and daring was her kink. She has a natural inclination to take things apart, to probe, to investigate and solve situations. She enjoyed dancing, grave digging, scaring people and taking dead animals apart. When she is not being mischievous or talking about smoldering people in their sleep, she is out there trying to save the world from a monster.

She went to Nevermore Academy, a school for unique individuals who do not quite belong on the other side. She evolved and developed significantly as a result of her encounters in this school. There was enough darkness at Nevermore so she flourished naturally. Nevermore was filmed in Cantacuzino Castle in Romania. Spectacular indeed.

Wednesday was a force of her own. Being an Addams, self reliance is kind of a natural trait for her to have. She was hot headed and unafraid of anyone. If there is something locked away in a cave or an abandoned hunted house then best believe she is going to waltz in and find it.



One thing that stood out in this show is the show of aesthetics and the messages in the designs of virtually everything. Wednesday's aesthetic was everything. She was a black and white girl which made her stand out all the time. Especially when she goes to the town of Jericho. Jericho is a sharp contrast from Nevermore where she actually does belong.

If you didn't like anything about Wednesday, you would at least love her cello skills. She plays beautifully. My favorite cello moment of hers was when she played in the middle of a pandemonium. People were deadass running for their lives while she sat there, making art from the chaos. She blew my mind.

I learnt that it is called DIAGETIC SOUND. And that is when a sound or music is being played in the movie by one of the characters and can be heard by the others. Well, she did a fine job with playing her cello often to the audience of the other characters.



The one thing I didn't like about this show was her love interests. They were unnecessary as she didn't need them. Well, one of them was pivotal to the conflict but, he was still lame. The pairings were lousy and I think she would have been better just having platonic relationships with them and continuing to use them for the course.

Enid was W's roommate. She was a force that one. The perfect match for W. She was the opposite of W. Her room was the first thing you would notice about her, it looked like a unicorn took a heavy dump in her room. Wednesday immediately opted for balance by darkening out her own side of the room. It was hilarious but also very artistic; the sharp contrast I mean.

Enid Sinclair is played by Emma Myers. She was a wolf who couldn't reach their full potential. Not until her moon was in distress. By her moon I mean Wednesday Addams. She was free spirited and would never back down from a fight. Not a lot of things gets to Wednesday but, the one time we actually see her sad was when Enid left her and said she didn't want to be her doomie anymore. She had the softest spot for her. Oops! I did say no spoilers. Well, I haven't.


Another trait of W's that I loved was her being a writer. She wrote everyday at a specific time and wouldn't miss it. I wish she was real, I would have very much loved to read her book.

I loved when she said:
"I know I'm stubborn, single minded, and obsessive. But those are traits of great writers. Yes, and serial killers."

One thing I assure you'll have is a good laugh. Wednesday is hilarious and she doesn't even try. She stands out. Not just because of her aesthetic but because of her striking energy and personality. Jenna Ortega was born for this role. Please go watch this show if you haven't.

One last note before I leave you be. I need all of us to come together as a community to make sure Netflix doesn't cancel this show. I don't know we should do it but we have to do something. If Netflix messes with this show, blood will flow. Because like Wednesday Addams, "I don't bury hatchets, I sharpen them."

All Images shared are screenshots collected by yours truly on Netflix.

Thank you for reading!

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