Cine Tv Contest #21: Kung Fu Panda


My favourite movie animal character is Po, the protagonist bear in the movie Kung Fu Panda produced by DreamWorks Animation
Kung fu panda, an american media franchise which started in 2008 featured a bear named Po who was chosen as the Dragon Warrior and becomes a master in the art of Kung Fu. Though his capability and authenticity was initially doubted and disputed, Po subsequently proved himself worthy and struggled to fulfill his destiny as the Dragon Warrior and was also able to learn about his past with his new friends who at first despised him for a couple of things among which was his laziness and gluttony.



Po the giant bear, although very clumsy was a lover of Kung Fu and can also be seen as a Kung Fu fanatic. He lived with his foster father mr Ping who runs a noodle shop and Po was unable to learn the art of Kung Fu.


A Kung Fu tournament was held for master Oogway the spiritual leader of the valley to determine the identity of the Dragon Warrior, who is the only Kung Fu master that is able to understand the Dragon scroll which was believed to contain the key to unlimited powers. The favourites for this exclusive fate were the Furious Five who were fierce warriors and were trained to protect the valley by master Shifu. These furious five include, Tigress, Monkey, Crane, Viper and Mantis. To the disbelief of all present, Po was chosen by the elderly master Oogway although he arrived late and was accidentally flunged into the tournament arena via fireworks after being locked out.




Not believing the fact that Po could be the Dragon Warrior, master Shifu subjected Po to tedious tasks and training in other to discourage him and make him back down. But determined to build himself, Po endured the difficult and stressful training and was even able to befriend the Furious Five







Soon enough, Po learned that Tai Lung and evil Kung Fu Warrior who had escaped prison was coming to take revenge for having being denied the Dragon Scroll. Po was doubtful of being able to defeat Tai Lung. But master Shifu discovered that Po could perform martial art moves if food was used as the motivating agent and using his new found trick, master Shifu was able to train him to learn martial art successfully.





After Po successfully completed his training, he was given the Dragon Scroll, on opening the scroll and expecting a rush of supernatural powers to engulf him, Po discovers to his dismay that the scroll was blank. But almost immediately, Po discovers that the limitless power was within him, it lies with him believing in himself. This enabled him to defeat Tai Lung and restore peace back to the valley.








Po won his place in my heart as my favourite movie animal character through his mixture of varying characters. Po was both comical and serious, He could even afford to be funny even in the face of danger. For example, when facing Tai Lung in the duel to decide their fate, even though it was a duel that may cost him his life, Po was still adding fun to the scene by constantly making funny moves and gestures at Tai Lung. It shows that even the most serious and difficult times has it own touch of humor.


His perseverance even when mocked was second to none and it serves as a kind of lesson to me to always strive to achieve my goals no matter the form of adversity, being it mockery or stress or even pain.
Po was also a friendly creature. Even if he was mocked or bullied, Po never despised his opponent, he was always ready to make friends with whom ever pleases. Despite becoming the Dragon Warrior Po was still humble and favourably disposed to all who were around him and was also willing to help even if it will entail putting himself in harms way.


All pictures are screenshots from the movie

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