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Movies are one thing that keeps us healthy and motivated. It might not be a doctor’s prescription but actually, it does work on its own. Many times when I do watch movies I would always prefer to watch my favorite genre and would love to see my favorite actor in action..

This would be my entry to the contest about a movie that shows winning.

Many movies are out that give lessons about becoming a winner but there are times when some movies would just have a touch in your heart and you would find it difficult to resist the touch for days or probably weeks. At times it might warrant a rewatch again.

I would be showcasing two movies here as my entry and they are all about winning. It’s not so easy to be a winner. It requires a lot of sacrifice and dedication. A winner must be consistent and relentless.

Follow me as we journey through the movie DANGAL

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This is a movie by one of the best Indian actors in the Bollywood movies industry. I can never afford to miss out on his latest release because his movies apart from being interesting and mind-blowing, they are always filled with morals and lessons.

DANGAL is a movie produced by Amir Khan and some others in the movie industry. It got the title DANGAL from the movie plot which means “a wrestling competition”.

The movie was released on the 23rd of December 2016 and was based on a true-life story.


Mahavir is a former Indian wrestler who was trained in the style of Indian wrestling. His father forced him to give up on wrestling and seek employment because he can’t win. He had always dreamed of winning a medal for his country and making his country so proud.

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Not having the opportunity to do so, he made a vow that his sons would surely become one and get to win the medals and achievements he wasn’t able to accomplish.

When Mahavir would give birth, he gave birth to four female children, which made him give up on his hopes and dreams of having them become a wrestler. But when his older daughters Geeta and Babita came home and reported they beat two boys, he realized they had the potential of becoming what he wanted them to be.

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He started training them and became their coach. It wasn’t so easy for them at first because he would wake them up in the morning as early for training and he had to have their hair cut. This is so hard on them that they resent him for the way he was treating them but later on they realize he was preparing them for a brighter future.

They got motivated and started to participate in wrestling competitions where they got to encounter boys and beat them. Geeta won the junior and senior competitions at the state level before she joined the academy.

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She did her best at the academy and became a contestant in the commonwealth games.

Geeta at the academy mingled with her friends and forgot about the training her father gave her. He fought several competitions and lost it all. She was getting demotivated.

One day Babita reminded her of her mistakes and told her to follow her father's training. After that Babita won the state championship and advanced to the academy where both sisters encouraged each other.

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Pramod who was Geeta’s coach in the commonwealth tries to devalue her in games. When Mahavir heard of it, he was forced to get into the academy and started training his girls secretly. Their coach knew of Mahavir's presence and made sure he got him banned from the academy.

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After Geeta received some training from her father she was able to make it to the final stage of the competition. Mahavir was there till the final stage but on the day of the finals, Pramod got him locked in a room.

Geeta couldn’t take instructions from her father anymore so she tried to win her first round but she lost in the second round with a count of 1 - 5.

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Ten seconds left to lose the match to her opponents was when she remembered the 5 point tactics her father taught her. She used it on her opponent in the final three seconds and the game turned in her favor with a count of 6 - 5. Geeta won the match.

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Pramod hoped of taking credit in the media before her father appeared after listening to the India 🇮🇳 national anthem. She embraced him as she became the first Indian female wrestler to win a gold at the commonwealth games.

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  • Many times we get to fall and fall over but getting up again is what would make us a winner.

  • Gender doesn’t matter when it comes to attaining success in life. The important aspect is to be focused and make sure never to lose one’s determination

  • People won’t celebrate you, not until you become successful in that field of yours…


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