Dance Kpop SOMI What You Waiting For

Hi all

this time I dance Kpop, the song is from the idol SOMI, this song is really good, if you hear the song you can't hold back for dancing

SOMI is a Korean idol who I think is beautiful and her face is like a barbie, her body is good, she is tall, her voice is also good, she has her own characteristics,

To be honest, I was initially stressed because I couldn't do this SOMI dance practice, but because of the passion that was in me, I could, I kept learning, and I was able to complete 1 full memorized song in 3 days,

the theme of my shirt, a blue top, also uses a short skirt, because I think SOMI is a beautiful and elegant type so I'm looking for a suitable costume

sorry if the movement is not good, because I'm still learning, every day I try to study harder to get perfect results

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