Archeological Lane in Churu!

Churu- I know many you have not heard about this place. It is not so famous like Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, or udaipur.
In Rajasthan, churu is a small district which is my Hometown.

I Went for a walk in My Hometown churu. Churu is 200 km from Delhi. Earlier I thought Churu was not so beautiful and there is nothing such which one can come and visit this place but I was wrong. Churu is beautiful and I was not aware of these old structure Havelis.

Once in a year I come to visit churu, my home town. I live in a small village called Ramsara. It comes in churu District around 3 km from Churu.

There are 2 to 4 lanes in Churu where we can see the beautiful painted Havelis of old times. I enjoyed walking around Churu looking at havelis. But the sad point is some of them are broken and some are in good condition. It needs some repairments under experienced archeological supervision.

This is Surana Haveli-

It is said that this Haveli was built in 1870. It is also known as Hawa mahal of Churu(palace of Winds), because this Surana Haveli has 1111 doors and Windows(jharokha). But this palace needs some repairments and should be taken care.

This is looking like a haunted haveli😅.

This is another Haveli-

A beautiful pianted haveli. There are so many paintings painted on the walls of the Haveli. These are beautiful and one can sit there for hours and have a peaceful moments.

I have edited some pics as you can see down.

One lady was passing while I was clicking some pics.

Here the people have put markets-

There are many Havelis like this- but all are closed because the people have shifted some other places.

I hope you all liked this place and havelis of old times.

Soon I will share some more Interesting places with you all.

All the photos and content are mine.
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