hello hivers friends... how are you all I hope you are fine And I hope your day is always fun right and I hope you are successful in any case..amen....
Okay, my friend, I want to explain or want to tell a little about what I have posted or what I have photographed,

I went for a walk with a friend or friend and we haven't taken a walk together in a long time. This beautiful evening we went for a walk
And we bought fried foods that were sold on the roadside and then wrapped, and we walked again to find a beautiful atmosphere and we sat by the sea And I saw something strange in the rock and then I took a picture, yes, it's understandable that our hobby is taking pictures. Look at anything that's strange, it's still in the portrait, maybe my friends are like that, too, for those who like to take pictures And it looks like the sea snail is very beautiful and I took a picture of it

Then suddenly a cat came who was very tame while we were eating fried food, I don't know whose cat it was but it was very tame and I gently fed it and then I took a picture of it My needs really like cats and this is the result of a beautiful cat portrait

My friend is relaxing while enjoying fried food by the sea, which has a beautiful view while telling stories and asking news and while enjoying the atmosphere of this beautiful afternoon we continued to sit and take pictures because the views were very beautiful

and the day was already getting dark and we went home maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will come back again

That's all for now. Thank you to all of you who have stopped here, I hope your day is full of meaning.

See you again in the next post
Regards @aly.stor

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