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The Destruction of the United States of America, Government, Defenders, Supporters, and Allies

On this day, it's high time for the Empire to take a decision.

This decision concerns the destruction of the United States of America as a nation, its federal government, its armed forces - in all capacities, its supporters and of course all its allies universe wide.

The primary objectives consiste in:

  1. the eradication of the entity known as the United States of America Federal Government.
  2. the annihilation of its armed forces in all capacities, from WMDs to local militias.
  3. the obliteration of all the supporters, including financiers of the United States Federal Government; or anyone taking side for it.
  4. the destruction to ruins of those 5 cities: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C..

We as free people of the world, have realized that the oppression on the planet of this entity - The United States of America Federal Government, has to end.

It's clear to us that the inhabitants of the current area under the control of this entity don't have the fortitude, courage, honesty to do it themselves. Rather worse, they are complicit in their enslavment and profiting from their positions as decoy of freedom.

The entity has attacked the food supply of the world, and customs from generations in trying to corner it, through including genetically modified plants and animals, even to the creations of hybrids, suicide seeds, patent lawfare, or toxic chemicals.

The entity has supported, promotted, organized and defended child rapists. We saw it recently in the epstein files. Facing this outrage, we have no other resort that accomplish for our destiny the 4 primary objectives.

Simply, if the entity once known as the United States of America continues, we die, if it dies, we live.

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