Hello everyone.


My name is Babatunde Emmanuel Ayobami, fondly called Babz/Baba, but being called Babz is preferred compared to Baba. Baba "kinda" makes me feel like an old Nigerian by Nationality and "blood-line" but based in Uganda, married to a beautiful woman and blessed with a very beautiful daughter as well...(still look forward to having more kids though).

I am a Sound Engineer (Production and Post-Production),Cinematographer, content creator and a minimalistic forex/crypto trader.

Zoom F8n multitrack field recorder

But the profession I am focused on is the sound engineering part of it all, being in-tune with the sound, ensuring all channels are clear and not distorted, no interference with sounds from the background.

Me listening on every channel and trying to cut-out the dB of background noise

Basically from studio/field down to post-production line, blanket noise removal, clicks and breath silencing/auto healing, and to the mixing and mastering stage (hoping some of my fellow sound enthusiasts get what i mean but i wouldn't want to bore the rest of you with my production "jargons" I was part of the production team that produced the Date My Family (Uganda) show aired on Pearl Magic and Pearl Magic Prime.

Being a pro boom-swinger

My hobbies include Balling (Basketball and Football), swimming, listening to music, taking nature pictures and Editing (when bored though not exactly work required).

one of my moon series shot. this was taken from the rooftop of Olidav Suites Kiwatule


@jaraumoses is a hardworking, focused and resilient man I would say. I have known him since the days of us being students of Uganda Christian University Mukono, he had approached myself and a couple of my other colleagues in regards to steemit years ago.

I personally gave it a thought and tried (that's if I still even remember my steem ID) but since i realized it was more of creating written content or so I thought should I say, I never really gave it a further push because I am not that much of a writer.

lakeside moon shot, katabula close kira

Being an Information technology student as well as Jarau was to get myself involved in the practical side of things like a Software Engineer or Hardware Engineer not sit down and start writing contents which I "kinda" found boring (no offense to the writers in the house) but in all honesty writing ain't boring like I thought. It opens up some sections of your "thinking-faculty" that you wouldn't believe existed.

So anyways, recently did a trade with Jarau in regards to crypto and after the transaction was done, he says cant I write crypto related articles and I earn off of it? I had to tell him how I wasn't big on writing articles, then he asks, HOW ABOUT GAMING?,


Like I was played, I know people earn money and rewards gaming online but it ain't common like in other continents. Africa on its own has been filtered out some of these cashback giving opportunities like I literally got tired of the entire African system.

I am someone that I scour the internet for paying-survey opportunities, even got tired of using social apps because of what use am i buying data to post things and I am being "appreciated" via just likes and comments, it s*cks but since my dear friend Jarau has opened my eyes to see the appreciative part of socials then am going to see how to spend more time trying to come up with creative posts and articles while I also spread the GOOD NEWS of this platform.

On-set Date My Family Uganda

So basically because of my gaming interest, @Jaraumoses "lured" me unto this platform and I would say, it was a good "lure"

He helped with the account setup in which, YO!!! it was quite the interesting account setup, from picking your username to being given several sets of "Special-Alphanumeric-Binary-Unrecoverable" passwords. LOL... Yes I love playing with words too...

BTW 90% of these pictures were taken using my Aquos Sharp SHV40 smartphone, no post-production edits done but on-camera settings and effects applied.

Myself and my daughter, when I ain't out working.

I look forward to making more connections and working alongside some of you in the nearest future.

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