Easy meals for one week

If you follow this blog, you’ve heard me say (countless times) how wonderful airfryers are.

Case in point, I was using it, yesterday, to prepare chicken tenders, and so I made French fries in the oven.

The fries turned out tasty —seasoned & with lemon — but they took nearly 45 minutes to prepare — versus a mere 15 minutes in the airfryer!

With my leftover chicken tenders, I added them to an Alfredo pasta and some salad.

Fish —tilapia, in this case— turned out very tasty & I prepared it directly from frozen! Again, I’m around 15 minutes, thus time matching it with pesto pasta and a Lebanese salad, tabouli

2 things I cannot fort enough of are pesto - which I’ll happily add to everything (like a melted cheese sandwich) and spinach.

Here’s a delish tuna pasta with pesto and spinach.

And, a simpler scrambled eggs with spinach and airfryed potato wedges :)

And, speaking of keeping it simple, some chili beans over rice with some steamed vegetables is a heart dish that you can serve with cheese (I used feta) and a boiled egg (for more protein)

Or, if you’re craving a burger, this one is made of turkey and is very lean, with only 10% fat. Yes, you guessed it, that’s pesto on top 😋

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