It's been over a week of my quarantine in a place Thai government provide for those who came back to the country by repetriation flights. I'm one of those so, free hotel, free meal and a few healthy check during stay.

I had been missing Thai food so much while living abroad so here we go, all Thai food come in a container 3 times a day. So far, they have not served something twice just yet so, quite a variety of Thai food I have been enjoying.

Shirmp paste fried rice

This is one of my most favourites and on of a few I have actually finished every bit of the food. Rice fried with shrimp paste served with shredded omelette, deep fried small shrimps, fried chili, fresh cucumber and sweeter pork belly. Yumm!!!


Garlic pork with rice

Most of the meals come with rice. This is one of those simple one. Just stir fried chicken with garlic. It doesn't look so pretty nor so much of ingredients but it's one of the most delicious and garlicy one so far.


Thai fried rice



Red curry fish cake

Oooooh! How much I have missed Thai curry? Especially the version I don't have to make it myself. Also, it's not easy to find that thai little eggplant abroad so, this is one of the meals I love <3 Eat with rice, of course!



Short rib in curry sauce

This is not exactly a type of curry you're used to. They use red curry with a few other ingredients that make it sweet and herby. So good with rice!


Spicy spaghetti stir fry

This one is kind of a fusion Thai and whatever the spaghetti dish is (Italian? lol). Not the best spaghetti I have ever had and I can actually make it better. The good this about this is that they at least, make it spicy! The crunch from the green bean bits are pretty good too.


Stir fry chicken with ginger and Jew’s ear

ํีํYummy!!! This one I rarely thought of making it myself. Firstly, because it's not my most favourite Thai dish and secondly, some ingredients like, Jew’s ear is not that easy to find.


Macaroni wannabe

I can't stand it.


Spicy Fish ball stir fry with green beans and basils

Oooooh.. The crunch from the green beans, a little chewiness from the balls and the spice from both basil and chilie. Perfect with hot steamed rice.


Tapioca pearls and sweet corn in sweeten coconut milk

I missed this kind of dessert. We eat dessert made with creamy coconut milk so much. Same style as this one but instead of tapioca pearls, they use other ingredients instead. They are all just as good. This bowl made my day!


Nam Prik Ong with fresh veggies and a boiled egg

One of the best meal again, This I believe it's a northern cuisine. Ground pork stir fry with some spices. Sweet, sour and a little spicy. Perfect with fresh veggies and rice.


Dry suki yaki

If you know what suki yaki is, this is the dry version of it. So many ingredients in one meal. Super tasty and flavorful. The fermented bean sauce (pink sauce) also give it more spices. I LOVE THIS!!!


Green bean soup

It's a sweet green bean soup. We eat it as a dessert. I make it better. Period.


Egg noodles with fish balls and fish cakes.

Mmmmm.. I love all kind of noodles! This is one of the popular noodle dish we have in Thailand. Any kind of noodle would do: Rice noodle, the other rice noodle or egg noodle like this... Topped with ground pork, fish cakes, fish balls, sprinkled with cilantro and green onion. If you like it spicy, dump some chili flakes in just like I did.


So far so good with my Thai bento box marathon. Still excited to see what more they have to offer. I'm so looking forward to go eat out and all the street food where I can choose the meal and order whatever I want though. A few more days!!

Stay healthy and eat good food out there <3

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