Eating Sunflower Seeds Boosts Your Energy Level

Hello everyone! I hope you will be well and will be enjoying good health as well as the nature who attracts everyone and gives relaxation.

Today I am diving into the seeds of the sunflower 🌻. I'll try to tell you about my link with these sunflower seeds and how it came to remember that I am sharing it with all of you guys.

But before going through my connection with these sunflower seeds I want to tell you a little bit about sunflower seeds.

Sunflower History in My Life

So without wasting your precious time and without making the publication boring listen to my history and my connection with the sunflower seeds.


So when I was in the primary school I was a child you can guess my age. I was about in the one class or two class when sunflower seeds got my attention. And it was a great time for the sunflower seeds 🤣 that I started looking at them and became curious to eat them.

Firstly my one friend bought a packet of sunflower seeds and he brought it to the class and offered me to eat. When I ate the first one it was so delicious that I was eating more and more. It was spicy and appetizing. And in no time we ate the whole packet. And then we both were seeing into it that sunflower seeds had ended.

Then I got some packets of that sunflower seeds. You will be surprised to know that at that time it costs only 1 rupee per packet. And we started eating it on daily basis. My whole schooling is from a Government School and outside and at the entrance of the school there was a stall. From that stalk we were buying these sunflower seeds.

Eating With Peels

The interesting and funny thing is that we ate the sunflower seeds along with their peels. We were not peeling them off and we were eating the peels along with the inside seeds.


The reason is that when we ate them along with the peels it was giving a more spicy and salty taste. And we were eating them completely. But here is a stop that we were not swallowing the peels but we were collecting them in the mouth and after grinding them completely we were throwing them.


But it happened bad that some perks slid in the throat and caused problems. After that we were peeling them off and then eating them. It became a hobby that we were eating the seeds in our free time and we're enjoying it all the time.

Help Avoid Sleep

Yes the interesting fact is that sunflower seeds are also a part for me to avoid sleep. When you are falling asleep then you can start eating sunflower seeds.


You will say how is it possible? Wait I am telling you dear. When you are feeling dizzy but you don't want to sleep. Then simply start eating sunflower seeds. Because when you start eating them, you have to peel them off, and you have to focus in peeling them off. When you will focus and you will peel them off then you will become attentive and your all focus will be in peeling them off and your sleep will go away from you.

As I am doing it, at noon when I feel sleepy then I move forward at a seed shop of my fellow and took some sunflower seeds from him. And you will love to know that I get these seeds free of cost 😉. So I have experienced it that when I start eating them by peeling them off my dizziness go away after a while.

Some Benefits of sunflower seeds

Jokes are apart, so leave my connection and history with sunflower seeds for a few moments and just know about the benefits so if you start eating sunflower seeds then you must know the benefits and some side effects as well.

  • Sunflower seeds gives power to the heart and make it more healthy. It can control your high blood pressure, and play role on managing cholesterol in the body.

  • I have researched that sunflower seeds have thiamine in it. And thiamine which is also known as vitamin b1 boosts your energy level. Boosting energy level means that it converts your food into energy and make your immune system strong.

  • Sunflower seeds can help you to become slim and smart. Because seeds are full of calories and they provide you a lot of energy and you can avoid fats to boost your energy. So if you want to do dieting then you must eat seeds of sunflower to eat less.

Note:- Sunflower seeds are not just seeds these are basically fruit of sunflower.

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