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Hello Foodies!
Each country's breakfast culture is different. The breakfast is very important in Turkey has a rich geographical structure. Therefore, there has been a rich breakfast culture that varies according to each region..


Cheese is the centerpiece of Turkish breakfast. Specific varieties of cheese has almost every region of Turkey.


One of the indispensable parts of Turkish breakfast is egg. Prepared by roasting tomatoes and peppers and cooking them with eggs, menemen is indispensable for Turkish breakfast (I'll do this for you). In addition to meneme, fried eggs and poached eggs,. Egg bread, which is prepared by blending the bread with an egg mixture and fried.


Sucuk and egg duo are indispensable for me in winter. We add butter and sausages in a pan. After frying them lightly, we break eggs on it. If you wish, you can add spices on top. I didn't want to add any spice this morning. Sucuk is spicy enough for me.

Sucuk; It is a type of fermented meat product made by filling spicy minced meat into the swollen and dried intestine. It is a nutrient containing oil and salt. It also contains spices such as cumin, sumac, red pepper and garlic. In addition, sausage is not produced from a single type of meat, it is prepared with a mixture of many meat types. The reason for this is to increase the taste (flavor) quality of the sausage and balance its hardness.

20210217_120937.jpg Simit

You can taste many types of pastry from cheese to potatoes in this chain where we can include various types of breads. Bagel is another important flavor of breakfast.Simit, on the other hand, is a constant taste of Turkish breakfast culture. I recommend you to taste simit with cheese.


Absolutely "Tea"

There is always tea for my breakfast. A breakfast without my tea is unthinkable. When they get up in the morning, they first brew tea. Tea is made in a container called a "teapot" and left to brew. Tea bags are not preferred. Tea is drunk throughout breakfast. Turks like to drink tea in small glass glasses. This has the cup in almost every home in Turkey. It can be drunk any time of the day. Turks love not only to drink tea, but also to serve tea. Many Turks offer tea to their guests at their homes and workplaces. This is a tradition. During home visits, we offer foods such as cakes, pastries and cookies along with tea.


Although Turks drink a lot of tea, they also like to drink coffee; but they prefer "Turkish coffee". They drink tea during breakfast and then drink Turkish coffee. The word breakfast is a combination of the words "Coffee - six". Since Turkish coffee is strong, it cannot be drunk when hungry and it is necessary to eat something first. Therefore, the word breakfast means "under coffee", that is "before coffee".

  • Turkish breakfast is very rich.
  • Turks eat a lot of things together for breakfast. They don't like to have a simple breakfast.
  • to go to a restaurant or someone's home for breakfast in Turkey is a very normal.
  • Turks drink tea, not coffee, for breakfast. After breakfast, they drink Turkish coffee.
  • Turks also eat some vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers for breakfast. In Turkey "olive" is eaten at breakfast.
  • Bagels, cheese and tea are the Turkish favorite things for breakfast.source


My breakfast also includes homemade sour cherry jam. This summer I will collect sour cherries and make jam and juice again. While doing it, I think to convey it to you. Also, my daughter likes Simit very much in Şila. I don't want to give too much just because it touches him. As soon as he sees the Simit, he takes his place at the breakfast table.


What's in my breakfast?

  • Simit
  • Sucuk and Egg
  • Black Oil
  • Çeçil (Chechil) Cheese
  • feta cheese
  • Hot pickled peppers I made(I consume it every morning for my metabolism.)
  • Sour Cherry Jam
  • Tomato
  • Low-oil steam fried potatoes
  • and of course TEA


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