A Tableful of Leftovers

Something called @thealliance wants to know what everybody's favourite meals are. Here is the post where they ask, and here's one of my favourite meals:


I love cooking, but I hate washing pots and pans, so I always try to make enough that there's at least one meal a week that only involves looking in the fridge and re-heating whatever I find.

This picture is from almost a year ago, so I don't remember all the stuff we ate, but it looks like there were eggs marinaded in soy, turkey&broccoli soup, baked tomatoes and mushrooms with cheese, chicken wings, minced beef, potato salad, and what looks like a chickpea stew. Plenty of raw vegs. There's probably a bowl of hummus and some pickled jalapeƱos hiding outside the picture since there's pita bread, and I can see a hint of bowl of garlic yogurt. Sri racha and other hot sauces because a life without heat gets very cold.

(Picture by me, food eaten by me and my love.)

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