ROCKET CHICKEN: eat, play and learn with Rocket Kid special package.

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After completing the homework given by the school teacher while studying online, my nephews Aqil and Rendra asked to have lunch at Rocket Chicken. Rocket Chicken is a fast food store that is famous for its fried chicken. Not only fried chicken, Rocket Chicken also provides other fast food menus; Burgers and fries. Maybe the reader immediately remembers the two international standard fried chicken brands, Mc Donald and KFC. Carrying the same theme, Rocket Chicken is a local fried chicken outlet that has hundreds of branches spread across several regions in Indonesia.





Rocket Chicken has a mainstay fried chicken menu that is very popular with adult customers; fried chicken geprek. Sambal Geprek is a variant of Indonesian chili sauce that is currently popular. Sambal with a mixture of cayenne pepper, sugar, salt, flavoring, and a little sliced ​​garlic makes your appetite increase. Here also provides an additional menu in the form of cakes. In Indonesia, cakes are a side dish for rice which is also very popular. Potato-based food that is mashed, seasoned and covered with eggs and then fried in almost all stalls in Indonesia provides this menu.



Rocket Kid special


Aqil and Rendra are very happy because Rocket Chicken has a special meal package for children. His name is Rocket Kid. So, with every purchase of the Rocket Kid menu, customers can get toys in the form of cars and fairy tale books.

Aqil chose the book of a thousand temples. TMI; This Thousand Temples is the first legendary story that I like. I read this story during a study tour to Prambanan when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school. I even clearly remember the main character. Prince Bandung Bondowoso and the beautiful Roro Jonggrang.

Rendra chose the story of Malin Kundang. The story of a child who disobeys his mother.



Rocket Kid package price list


*Rocket Kid 1 IDR 27K: Rice, chicken thigh, Milo, fairy tale book and toys
*Rocket Kid 2 IDR 30K: Rice, Chicken breast, Milo, toys and fairy tale books
*Rocket Kid 3 IDR 30K: Rice, 4pcs chicken strips, Milo, fairy tale book and toys

Cozy place


Although the place is not too big, but here it is quite comfortable and clean. The service here is friendly.

All pictures were taken with Oppo Reno 5f


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