JANJI JIWA TOAST; new menu shrimp series


Hi, food lovers...

What are you cooking today?

Or are you too busy and don't have time to cook and prefer to order fastfood?

Hmm... We're the same!

Today, I was so busy because of some business, I forgot to eat and was lazy to cook.

While completing a writing assignment, my friend sent a whatsapp message.

"Tis, I sent you food. Wait a minute!"

"YEAY!" I'm so excited and can't wait for food from my friend Zaza.

My Favorite Toast



Actually, Janji Jiwa is here for the first time to introduce its superior product in the form of coffee drinks with various flavors.
Then, as more and more Janji Jiwa branches are opened in almost all cities in Indonesia, Janji Jiwa adds many new menus to its menu list.

Janji Jiwa Toast is a menu that I often order at this shop. There are several kinds of toast served at the Promise Soul shop;

  • Humberg Curry Mayo; beef with coleslaw and cheese, and Japanese curry sauce.

  • Cheezy Crispy Chicken Mentai; chicken, coleslaw, omelette, mentai sauce, and cheese sauce

  • Chicken Katsu Curry Mayo; chicken, coleslaw, cheese and Japanese curry sauce

  • Beef Truffle Mayo; beef, omelette, cheese, garlic, truffle mayo sauce,

And there are still about six other variants.

Janji Jiwa like never runs out of ideas. After yesterday's time to hold a big promo, Janji Jiwa is back with normal prices and the newest variant of toast.

Shrimp Series


For seafood lovers, this is definitely good news, including me. The good news is, Zaza ordered me the latest series of this Janji Jiwa toast variant.

  • Shrimp Tartar Mayo; Shrimp, tartar sauce, mayo and parsley.

This second variant is my favorite


  • Shrimp Truffle Aioli; Shrimp meat, cheese with mayo sauce, garlic and a sprinkling of parsley. Hey! This is very delicious. The taste reminds me of a mini serving of Oglio olio pasta with a strong garlic flavor. Creamy cheese and mayo sauce, perfectly match the taste of fresh shrimp meat.


I highly recommend this menu variant for seafood lovers.

Zaza ordered me two toasts, Shrimp Truffle Aioli which is priced at IDR 34k and Cheezy Crispy Chicken Mentai for IDR 31k.



So, thanks Zaza for paying attention to me. I ate this toast with my mom.

Thank you, food lovers for reading.

All pictures were taken with Oppo reno 5f

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