BUKO PANDAN (recipe); delicious dessert from the Philippines

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Happy weekend, food lovers...!

I hope all of you are healthy.

Because it's the weekend, and my nephew has nothing to do outside. So, today I'm going to make him a dessert he's sure to love. Why? Because my nephew really likes to drink milk. Buko Pandan also has a healthy basic ingredient: coconut water.

Because coconut water is believed to help maintain health and contains antioxidants, it also reduces dehydration in the body, so coconut water is very useful for consumption during a pandemic like now.

a little story about Buko Pandan


So, if the reader finds out what Buko Pandan is, this dessert actually comes from the Philippines which is then famous in Sumatra, Indonesia.




** Pearl sago (actually it is highly recommended to wear white, but, this time I want to use red)
** 1 pack of plain / green jelly
** 1 can of evaporated milk
** Young coconut meat
** 400ml young coconut water
** Sweetened condensed milk to taste
** Pandan paste
** Cheddar cheese
** Nata de Coco
** 2 tablespoons of sugar





step by step

Step 1- jelly



Boil the jelly with 400ml of coconut water, add two tablespoons of sugar. If using plain jelly, add enough pandan paste. Stir until boiling. After boiling, turn off the heat. Transfer to a bowl, let stand until the hardens
Once hard, cut into small cubes.


Step 2- Pearl Sago

Boil the pearl sago for ten minutes. If using white pearl sago, you must add pandan paste. Once tender, remove and drain.



Step 3 -sauce

Mix evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and add a little pandan paste. Mix well.

Step 4- Contents

Mix young coconut, nata de coco, pearl sago, and agar-agar. Mix the sauce prepared in step 3.

And... Taraa!!!

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Buko Pandan is ready to be enjoyed. Serve cold to make it more delicious by putting it in the refrigerator or adding ice cubes.

All pictures were taken with Oppo Reno 5f


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