Let's Have Breakfast With Meat And Egg Fried Rice

Hello guys....

It's morning and I'm feeling hungry, so I decided to cook something. And what I'm going to cook this time is fried rice and don't forget to make sweet tea for the drink.


I just made simple but delicious fried rice, the ingredients are also not much.

The first ingredient I used was definitely rice, I didn't use much rice because it was only me who would eat this.


Then I also use beef that has been boiled so that the meat becomes soft and I also cut it into thin strips.


Then I also have prepared one egg that I have fried.


Then there are 2 chilies that have been cut into small pieces.


I will also use red chilies that have been blended so that they become smooth.


And the last ingredient I used was a complementary material, namely, I also used pepper, chili sauce, oyster sauce and soy sauce.

How to make it really simple and also very easy. The first thing to do is heat the oil, just a little. Then add all the spices, such as chili sauce, chili, oyster sauce and pepper. add everything except the soy sauce.


Then stir all the spices until everything is well mixed, and when everything is mixed, add the rice, eggs and meat into the spices. And add soy sauce on top. Then stir again until all the rice is covered with spices.


If everything is mixed perfectly then the fried rice is ready to eat, but usually I will leave it for a while in the pot while the fire is still alive, because I think fried rice will be very tasty if it is really hot. So I will wait a while until the rice is real hot.


If it is then this can already be served on a plate. and it can also be enjoyed.


And lastly I have also prepared warm sweet tea which as usual I will drink when in the morning.


It tastes very good, with the right spicy taste, and of course because it is eaten while it's still hot it makes it even more delicious, especially if you eat it accompanied by warm sweet tea too. This is very fitting to be enjoyed when in the morning.

Alright, that's it for this time. I will show again what I did in the next post.

Thank you for reading my post and don't forget to read my other posts.

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