Let's Make Red Velvet Brownies With Colorful Chocolate Toppings

Hello guys....

Yesterday I cooked another cake, what I cooked were brownies. But if previously I cooked chocolate brownies, this time I cooked brownies that taste red velvet with colorful chocolate decorations on top.


I have never tried red velvet brownies before, although this is not a new taste because there are already several cake shops selling red velvet brownies.

Actually, the way to make these brownies is the same as how to make brownies in general, and as usual I will also cook brownies from instant brownie flour. This time I bought brownie flour from NutriCake brand, this is the first time I bought brownie flour from this brand.


On the back of the package there is already an inscription on how to make it and also what additional materials are needed.


The additional ingredients needed are not much, it only requires two ingredients, namely 100 g of melted butter and 1 egg.


And to make it look prettier then I also added colorful toppings, I used chocolate from the Chacha brand.


How To Make

  • Mix Nutricake brownies with an egg, 100 g of melted butter and 25 ml of water or about 5 tablespoons.


  • Then stir everything until well blended. You can mix it just by using a spoon without having to stir it with a mixer.


  • Pour the dough that has been stirred evenly into a baking sheet that has been smeared with margarine and sprinkled with a little flour, but not using wheat flour is also okay but it would be better to use it so that if you later want to remove the cake from the pan it's easier.



  • Preheat the oven for 10 minutes and then bake the dough at 175 degrees Celsius for 35 minutes, but initially I will only bake it for 15 minutes, because I will put the topping in a half-baked cake.


  • Then after 15 minutes remove the dough from the oven and place the topping on the dough. Put it according to taste how it looks beautiful.



  • Bake for another 20 minutes, until the cake is fully puffed and cooked.

  • Nutricake brownies are ready to be enjoyed.



Let's try it, I think it tastes good. The sweetness is just right, the level of doneness is also good, the cake floating is also perfect. Chacha chocolate is very suitable as a topping for brownies, this makes the brownies even more delicious.

Inside the brownies there are real dark compound Choco chips, this makes the brownies even more delicious.

Really worth buying this, it's really delicious and easy to make with ingredients that are easy to get too. Actually it has other flavors again, maybe I will try other flavors too.

Alright, that's it for this time. I will show again what I did in the next post.

Thank you for reading my post and don't forget to read my other posts.

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