Breakfast With Toast And Earl Grey Tea

For my breakfast this time I prepared something special but simple, before I have never made this myself because usually I would buy it but this time I want to try to blind it. My breakfast this time was toast with earl grey as a drink.


First I have to prepare the ingredients needed to make the toast, the first ingredient I will use is 2 slices of bread. Then I will also use chicken crispy which is usually used for burgers, I buy frozen food and then fry it myself. Then I will also use the eggs that I have fried too. I won't use vegetables because I don't really like them.




While for the sauce, I will use 3 types of sauce, namely tomato sauce, chili sauce and salad dressing, namely Thousand Island.


How to make it is very simple and very easy too. First I will bake the bread first, because I do not have a tool to bake bread automatically so I will bake it on the pan. Bake until the bread is slightly browned.


Place the toasted bread on a plate.


Spread Thousand Island on the bread, spread it all over the surface of the bread. Then add chili sauce on top.



Put the fried chicken crispy. Then place the fried egg on it.



Add more Thousand Island and chili sauce over the eggs. Then after that cover with another toasted bread.



Cut the bread in the middle into two triangles.


And finally add the tomato sauce on the toast.


And finally the toast is done and ready to be enjoyed.


To accompany me this morning I not only prepared toast but I also prepared Earl gray tea. I will brew the tea in my teapot which already has a sieve to filter the tea leaf powder. Then brewed with hot water, and the tea is ready to be enjoyed too.


I really like my breakfast today, make it very simple and easy but it tastes really good. The combination of toast and tea in the morning is perfect.

This can be enjoyed every morning, I suggest this menu for you to enjoy too.

Alright, that's it for this time. I will show again what I did in the next post.

Thank you for reading my post and don't forget to read my other posts.

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