Soup you can eat with a fork

Happy fork day


If you had seen my one minute chili post, this is another one but with some modifications to my ever famous chicken soup recipe.

This bowl of soup is special edition soup, specifically designed to be eaten with a hard fork of the Hive kind.

For extreme fork-ability, this one has diced potatoes and tons of chopped celery added.


It contains only dark meat, the best choice for fork-ability and the most delicious for consumption with a hard fork.

Whenever I make a chicken dish, I always save the stock and I freeze it. Then when a special occasion comes, I use that stock in order to create something delicious.

Everyone's hopes and dreams are that the hard fork will go well and no one will even notice it has happened. But if things get garbled up, I will be sitting here eating my lunch, specially prepared for this moment.

happy hard fork!


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