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Rice payesh is very popular recipe . Though It is a homemade recipe ,Rice payesh are cooked on different occasions. It is very tasty and delicious food. Rice payesh recipe is a traditional food for bengali .Bengali rice payesh recipe is eaten after a proper bengali meal ,it is the best serve for children .We cook this rice payesh for birthdays. Becides it is the best serve for children .Really it is a common dish at the birthday occasion in Bengali .It is an emotion, a different feeling in the life of every Bengali.Birthday payesh are an important element in our culture. In a word it is very special dish for birthday .

Ingredients for milk payesh


Rice +250 grams
Nut +10 grams
Dry grapes+ 10 grams
Powder Milk +100 grams
Sugar +200 grams
Bay leaves+ 4 pieces
Cashew nuts + 2 grams
Water as needed


I washed Rice with fresh water .
I soaked the rice in water for a while so that the rice could boil quickly.



I added powder mik with fresh water . After that I put in the oven and burned it.At times I became alert because milk does not overheat .


When milk became little thick , i added rice with milk. I was boiling milk and rice properly . I reduced the heat stove in little . Sometimes I kept stirring lightly.If Milk and rice is burnt, the taste of payes will be ruined. For this reason I shaked it lightly .



After boiling rice properly ,I added sugar and bay leaves . I continue was boiling payesh, very nice smell has come out from milk payesh.

After boiling completely , I added nuts ,dry grapes ,chashew nuts in last time before picking up Rice payesh from oven.


Thus I made tasty Rice payesh recipe . It is very delicious food when it is tasted . Personally I like this recipe . At times I make rice payesh recipe . My family like this recipe so much . I hope everyone like this recipe .Most of people like rice payesh recipe .

Phone camera : Poco M2
Cooker : @simaroy


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