Chocolates For This Evening

Chocolates I bought this evening

Good evening (from my side) dear foodie friends, this is my first blog in this community and today I'll talk about my feelings all about chocolates. I'm neither a kid nor a teen but my heart is kid and will always be. I love chocolates since my childhood days. Those days parents fed me delicious chocolates and today I buy my own chocolates to feed myself.

There is none I met who doesn’t like chocolates. A person who doesn’t like sweets but like chocolates. Today I went for a walk in this evening and when I was coming back I bought chocolate which cost me approximately 2 hive. I hardly care about money when I love to buy something special. Chocolate is special to me that I often buy to eat and feed others whom I like.

Chocolate is a thing that melt my heart even I may get angry. As I said my heart is like a heart of kid. So whenever someone feed me chocolates I forget my anger. But I'm not out of control about having chocolates. I eat chocolates usually when I feel craving for it. And when I will feel craving for it there is no specific time but I try to have it weekly, monthly or occasionally. It help me having good mood when I feel having mood swing. Mood swing is very common for we girls and chocolates are my medicine to overcome mood swing.

Chocolates help me to be stress free too and this is the food I enjoy eating after having heavy meals. But today in this evening I had KitKat when my stomach is not full. I may take it after dinner but before sleeping I don’t want to have it because I scared to be fat though I'm already overweight. A small portion of chocolate may never can make me fat but still I prefer not having it after dinner but maybe after breakfast or lunch I can have it. Today's chocolate was as evening snacks.

These chocolate in the photo above will be eaten one by one. Today already ate KitKat so I may eat my next chocolate tomorrow morning after the breakfast. Here in my place chocolates are really very expensive though I've bought small chocolates and affordable for everyone. Some chocolates are imported and premium quality so those are expensive.

I'm a foodie bee and love to eat sweets. Chocolate is my most favorite sweet beside this I love Ice-cream, cake and many kinds of sweets. What about you? Do you have sweet tooth like mine?

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