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I became a real housewife, tonight I cooked something again, something new, something that everyone loves and that everyone ate. I made waffles tonight, look what it looked like ... and of course,



I love waffles and it is one of my favorite desserts, my grandmother has been making them since I know for myself, I decided to make them myself. This dessert has many names, in Serbia, we call it "Bakin kolač", there are also a lot of recipes, but one thing in common, they are delicious, easy to prepare and everyone loves them.


Baking powder1 bag


I prepare this treat in a larger pot. First I pour 8 eggs into the sherpa and then the sugar. While I'm beating the eggs, I'm not thinking, I'm just pouring them into the sherpa, you don't know why I'm not thinking ... I don't think because all those eggs are the cutest chickens in the world, I would probably play with them and take care of Badio, he would also have someone to hang out with. But it's all an ecosystem. Is not it :D


I cover the eggs with sugar according to the recipe, my enemy. It always ruins my face and does not give me peace, but I learned how to use it, or not eat or just reduce the amount, I put twice less than it says in the recipe, which I did here.


Whisk the eggs and sugar with a mixer, whisk until foamy. My most beautiful part, I watch the sugar and eggs combine to turn into a real delicious cloud.


I add magic powder to eggs and sugar since they will grow more than ever. When baked, it will grow and remain puffy and airy.


Then I add the most disgusting ingredient, but just as important, it’s called oil. It's another ingredient I don't like, because everything is greasy, and if you get dirty you can't wash.

IMG_20210413_221531 - Copy.jpg

Milk is the next ingredient that I recently learned that I can get acne from. He used to be on my white list, now he is on the black list, but I still love him. And I can't do without it because I adore milk and I put it everywhere.


I combine all these ingredients with flour, which will also thicken everything and make the mixture firmer. This is also the most important ingredient.

After a short time, I made the mixture and started making waffles. Yes, that's the best part of the kitchen, when something finally starts to happen and you can smell a delicious treat that you can't resist and you can't wait for it to be goavo so you can eat like a pig :D


Vooohooo ... it's finally done, I can finally eat them all. I can tell you that they are excellent, as if my grandmother made them, I will eat them all, it may sound too much, and it is, but I will do my best, myself and that is the most important thing.



With love, Sarah❤️

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