Experiencing some Traditional Food of Bangladesh.

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Today I am coming with another food blog. In this blog I am going to share my experience about some traditional food of Dhaka. I went to Mohammadpur Bihari Camp to experience some awesome categorised traditional food of our country. So, let's begin.

Place: Bihari Camp, Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Google Map: Geneva Camp

It is a favorite place for food lovers in Dhaka. The number of people who have eaten any of these foods at least once is not small. You will not find a very beautiful environment here, you will find just all the wonderful food. Let's take another look at the fun foods at Mohammadpur Bihari Camp. And if you don't have any food of your choice here, you can also let me know in the comment box, next time I will try it.

Beef Kacchi Biryani

  • Venue: Kamal Biryani

  • Price: 120 Taka full plate


Although we are usually accustomed to eating Khasi Raw Biryani, Kamal biryani or Bobar biryani is made of Raw cow. LA plate of full raw biryani for 120 taka contains 5 pieces of meat and one piece of soft large potato. Bashmati rice is used here in biryani. When you take spicy rice with well cooked meats, it will look amazing. They also gave us a salad smeared with crushed lemon, in a word, a wonderful experience.

Beef raw biryani

  • Venue: Bob's Biryani

  • Price: 60 rupees flower plate


There is not much difference between the amount of meat or the amount of rice in Kamal Biryani or Bobar Biryani. The 60 taka flower plate contains 3 pieces of meat and a piece of potato. Personally, Bob's biryani is mostly eaten at the camp market. Maybe it's because of Bob's Biryani's soft rice or meat. I am fascinated every time I put it in my mouth with soft rice with properly cooked meats. Let me inform you that Bashmati rice is also used here. Instead of chopped salad, cucumber and lemon are served here.

Both biryani are really great in taste. The two shops at such a low price that everyone is eating so much fun biryani day after day, it is really amazing.

Mustakim Chap Ghor

In this shop you will find different types of beefs, chickens, mutton and kebabs. Here you will find pigeon fries ranging from beef-chicken fry, boti kebab, khiri kebab, brain, swallowed liver. You will get a great salad with pressure kebabs for free, which will add an impossibly beautiful dimension to your meal.

Beef Fry

  • Price: 60 taka


The fries of the beef is so well marinated that you will see the meat rushing as soon as you catch it. And when you take it in your mouth, you will see that it is melting like butter in a moment. Salad, luchi, beef pressure is the perfect combo.

Chicken Fry

  • Price: 60 taka


You will get a large piece of chicken meat under the fries of chicken. This is undoubtedly the highest amount of beef fries or any other item. As a result of marinating the meat for a long time, the taste of the whole meat becomes incomparable.

Roasted Brain

  • Price: 60 taka

  • Luchi per piece 5 taka


Although we usually eat roasted brains, we are everywhere, here the brains are fried in small pieces. It takes a lot to eat this brain with hot luchi.

Fire Pan

  • Price: 50 taka


In the case of this Pan, there is nothing to say about the taste. There are various types of spices used in this Pan. Many people are interested in Pan with fire, so you can try it.

You can comment on any other items you have eaten at Mohammadpur Bihari Camp or any item of your choice. I will try them later.

By the way I'm not a professional food reviewer. So please don't judge my opinion. I just tried to share my experience about those traditional food. Hope you will like it. If there is anything wrong in this blog, just let me know by your respective comments.

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