South Asian local Spicy and Sweet dishes from Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

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Today I am coming with my another food blog. As a foodie I love to experience new kind of food from different places in my country. Today I am going to share my experience about the Traditional Food of Rajshahi. (Rajshahi is the Biggest Division of Bangladesh which is the most clean city announced by WHO). So, Let us begin.

The most beautiful thing about Rajshahi is that the city is so clean and the people are so sincere that once you go there you will always feel good.

I have been to Rajshahi several times for one or two days. This post is about the foods that you can try for a day or two.

Black Beef Roast, Red Beef Roast, black roast of Beef Bacon.

  • Price: 80-120 BDT per bowl.


Location: Ekota Hotel, Katakhali, Rajshahi.

For Rajshahi University students or many in Rajshahi, it is a favorite place to eat black roast or red roast.


All of them I like the Red beef roast most. It was so spicy. As a spice lover it was so good experience for me to had a deal with it. I ate this meat with hot rice, the taste is still there. This is a hotel like going to Rajshahi again and again.

Kalai Rutih

  • Price: 10-20 BDT


Location: In front of Rajshahi Medical.

I have heard that this famous bread of Rajshahi has been sold in different shops lately. But you can get this delicious bread at very low cost in some van in front of Rajshahi Medical with chilli paste. The taste is quite good with Spicy Vegetables mashed.

Sponge Sweet

  • Price: 15 BDT per piece.


Location: Rana Sweet House, C&B Junction.

This rasgolla tastes great. In the evening you can eat hot rasgolla as breakfast. If you try one, you will want to eat another.

Beef Roast

  • Price: 60-70 BDT


Location: Rahmania Hotel.

I like this beef with khichuri for breakfast in the morning. The day I ate it was drizzle in the morning. In such a weather, khichuri, this roasted meat with eggs made breakfast incomparable.

Beef Becon roast

  • Price: 80 BDT per plate.


Location: Opposite RUET Gate.

This becon was quite good to eat roasted. If you are on the side of RUET ( Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology ). This beef bacon will be a good choice as a roasted snack with hot evening wear.


Mutton Halim

  • Price: 60 BDT


Location: Point Hotel.

Everyone knows this hotel in Rajshahi by one name. If you have breakfast at this hotel, you can try Mutton Halim. Halim with lemon chips will look quite delicious in hot weather.

Tea and different types of fish are quite popular in Rajshahi. The last time I went was in October 2019, this post is about the food of the service. You can also comment on Rajshahi fish or any other interesting food by commenting. Next time I will try to write about them.

I'm not a professional food reviewer. So please don't judge my opinion. I just tried to share my experience about those traditional food. Hope you will like it. If there is anything wrong in this blog, just let me know by your respective comments.

Thanks for supporting me. Nowadays I am so happy to see everyone's response on my blogs. I want to write more and more on HIVE. Specially thanks to @appreciator @curie @foodiesunite for their respective curation.

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