Egg Pizza

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It's egg. It's Pizza. It's egg pizza! This is basically just omelette with pizza toppings. My daughter was craving pizza. I can tell, it's her favourite food of all, next to spaghetti, chocolate cake, and chocolate ice cream. Just a few days ago, we made a no yeast pizza just because. A few days before that, I didn't feel like cooking so we had our lunch ordered online. Pizza, of course. I can't really keep on ordering food because it's not economical, and I will feel even more guilty than I already do about being too lazy on days when I get lazy. Plus, after eating that much pizza, I wanted to try

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5 pcs eggs
4-5 slices of bread cut into small cubes
bell peppers
black olives
precooked ham and pepperoni
tomato sauce

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Beat the eggs then add the pieces of bread. Make sure the bread is fully immersed. Then, on a preheated pan, cook the egg mixture over low heat to make sure the underside doesn't get burnt. Also, make sure that the pan is already hot enough before you pour in the egg mixture. Just let the pan sit for a few minutes until the egg and bread mixture is almost entirely cooked.

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When you see that the omelet base is already building up, add the tomato sauce then the precooked ham and pepperoni. You can then add all the other different layers for your egg pizza. Add the cheese, olives, onions, bell peppers, and some more cheese.

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This egg pizza is so filling and is best served warm. I could only finish up two small slices. My kid on the other hand really do love pizza with all her heart, She and her father shared the rest of the first and the second batch of egg pizza. It's perfect for breakfast, lunch, snacktime. Don't eat it at dinnertime, it's really too heavy.


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