Almost 50 Ways For You to Get Creative With Your Food

Hi, foodie lovers!

I am rarely posting here, but I promise to come more often.
Today I thought about giving you access to a wonderful pdf resource of a lady called Deanna Minich, a lover of food for the soul.
Anyway, I am not here to promote her and you don't need to register anyway to get these amazing resource that shows you the aesthetics behind food itself. And I just 💓LOVE Aesthetics of any kind 💖, especially when it comes to food and its arrangement. I love the minimalistic dishes so much.
foodd.png the last one I had but one I didn't cooked myself, I have to admit.

Creativity is a nutrient! It nourishes us every day and keeps us moving in body, mind, and spirit. Sometimes, our creative juices feel dry and stagnant and we need a way to 'think' differently or get back into our river of 'feeling'.

An opportunity to find our way back to our creative self is through everyday eating. To help you and even your family move from being in a rut and routine into being more fluid and flowing, here is a "creativity menu". You might find it fun to try some of these ideas to shake things up a bit!

I made this print screen for you but here is the downloadable page


Enjoy this gift from me and thank you for reading!
I will come back weekly with more food articles and I hope to see you around!

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