Dahi vada recipe by @qasimmustafa786//sweet wheat balls in yogurt//

Dahi vada recipe:

Today I share you an amazing recipe of dahi vada which is usually eaten in Pakistan , Bangladesh and South Asian countries. Its taste is sweet and minty . Everybody like dahi vada.
Now its recipe is given below:
Ingredients. Quantity
Sweet wheat balls: 2 Cup.
Yogurt: 2/5Cup
Mint: 20 leaves
Green chilies: 2 chilies
Parsley: 1/5 Cup
Onion: 2 sliced onions
Tomato: 1chopped tomato
Salt: 2 tablespoons
Chat masala: 2tabelspoons
Now lets start making Dahi vada:
First 2cup of sweet balls in bowl.
Add 2/5 Cup of yogurt in the bowl.
Than prepare green chili chutney by grinding the 1/5cup of parsley , 20 leaves of mint, two green chilies and sprinkle salt according to your taste. And green chili chutney is prepared. Then add 2spoon of chutney in yogurt and sliced onions and chopped tomatoes in yogurt.
Add 2 tablespoon of chat masala and sprinke salt according to your taste.
Mix it well and enjoy this snack in afternoon and evening.
Photographer: @qasimmustafa786
Photos taken from phone: Appo A12

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