Enjoying some 'Brioche au Chocolat' and Donuts for tea time on another rainy and cold day in Paradise!

The winter season is still here and will last couple of weeks more...

Normally the month of August is chilly too but we know that it is like the last month where we will feel the harsh winter days!

Today again it was a cold and rainy day in Mauritius! After buying some stuffs for home and for my restaurant, I drove back home...and at that moment it seemed like the rain was going to stop and the sun will come out...


Little did I know...

Couple of minutes later...the big clouds were back again and rain started to pour down + the cold breeze...

While taking a lot of precautions I I drove back home and all I needed was some hot tea to heat my body!


Surprise Surprise!

And what a nice surprise when I reached home...my tea was ready and my wife prepare some brioche au chocolat, while my sister in law gave us some donuts!

I had my usual milk tea, while my daughter had her hot milk and my wife the classic Moroccan mint tea...


My wife just loves cooking and baking...and among her most favorite food is Brioche! So today she found a recipe and had a try with chocolate inside!

It was really very tasty and soft just as I like it!


And the donuts was mainly for my daughter...oh yes, the kids just love these things!!! I did eat a piece though!!!

As you all know...during winter days, we feel more hungry than usual!


Just look at how happy she was while enjoying her donut...

It is crazy to see how a donut can bring so much joy on a kid's face! Thank you Mr. Donut!


Now I am getting ready for work...looks like it gonna be a calm day at my restaurant for the diner service tonight!

This Covid19 has really affected a lot of businesses around...and this will surely take some time to at least come back as before.

On one hand I am very happy to be able to earn little crypto here and there...this acts mainly as my savings for the future because money-wise, these days it is impossible to save from what we are earning!


I just hope things start to get better on the business side now that our borders are back open...

Let's see!

Wish you all a great day/evening ahead!

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