Delicious Chicken and Vegetables Tajine on this Rainy and Cold Tuesday!


It's again raining over here in Mauritius...I just want the sun to be back as soon as possible!!!

I went to buy bread earlier at the nearby bakery and the weather was not good at all...difficult to see the road as it was foggy and raining a lot!


Chicken and Vegetables Tajine

It's been long that I did not have a yummy tajine made by my wife...and today she cooked one!

As usual it came out very delicious and we all enjoyed it earlier for lunch!


Potatoes, Carrots, Green Peas, Tomato, Onion, Plums...

Tajines are very healthy foods when you see the amount of different veggies that go in one...


While the others enjoyed this tajine with bread...for me it was my usual plate of rice topped up with chicken and vegetables tajines!


Dogs out in the rain looking for food...

After my lunch I heard some barking noise...and when I went outside I saw two dogs roaming around my house and looking for food surely...

My house on the left of this photo!

As we had some surplus foods + bones from the tajines, I gave them to these dogs!

It would be better that the dogs owners could take more care of their animals...but this is another subject! Many people loves having a dog but don't respect their responsibilities towards their dogs!

Just look at this innocent soul...hearbreaking!


Still Raining and got to go to work!!!

Right now it is still raining and feeling cold too...but whatever may be the situation I have to get ready for work as I have a table of 14 people coming over for diner at my restaurant later tonight!

I will be preparing some special and exclusive dishes for them...and these flowers from my neighbor got me thinking about a new dish...


I took some to use later on salads...or maybe I can try tempura with them, this can be very original! These flowers are eatable and have a light citrusy taste and goes perfectly in salads or seafood/fish dish!

So here we are for today dear friends...rainy day, yummy lunch and busy service at my restaurant later tonight!

And how's your Tuesday going on!?

I wish you all a happy day/evening ahead!
Thanks so much for reading and supporting my blog!

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